Thule Ladder Racks Review - 2011 Ford F-150

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Review of the Thule Ladder Racks on a 2011 Ford F-150

Today on this 2011 Ford F150 we're going to be test fitting the Thule Exporter Pro adjustable height truck bed ladder rack, part number TH500XT. a couple of the features about this ladder rack. It has these nice aerodynamic crossbars here which will actually cut down the wind drag and noise. It also has these adjustable load stops and tie down points for whatever accessories you may have up there. Just loosen it like so and they'll be able to move into whatever position you need. There's also a rubber strip in the T slot here where they sit which keeps out any dirt or grime while you're driving, as well as seals it up so it would also cut down the wind noise. These are attached to the truck bed by the feet here, and these 2 clamps. There's going to be 2 clamps per foot on all of them, which means this is a no drill installation, and all you're really going to need is a 7/32 Allen head bit.

Let's go around here and let's attach the last one. I'll go ahead and open up the tailgate so you can see a little bit better. If you need to adjust these to your truck bed there are 2 points you can go to. There are these points here and here, which you can loosen those up and you can adjust the feet in to accommodate different size truck beds. There's going to be those screws on all feet.

Also, if you want to adjust the height of it, you have these quick dial knobs here, which you loosen by turning left, and you can adjust it to the corresponding heights which you can see listed here on these black portions. Let's go ahead and show you a couple things here. They come with these pads which you put underneath the feet so it will protect your truck bed or your bed liner so they won't scratch it up. Then we'll take our first clamp, and it has this pad here which will go underneath the truck bed like so. We'll go ahead and put that in position. Just slide it on down, then tighten it down.

These ladder racks are good for a wide variety of things such as carrying your ladders, lumber, or even kayaks to where you need to go. That one's hand tight. We'll go ahead and get our last one here. Excuse me. It'll slide on the exact same way, like so.

Just want to get them hand tight for now so we're ready to tighten them fully with our tool here. Use our 7/32 Allen head bit to tighten them down. This may take a minute. Do our last one here. It's good. Now you notice that this clamp here has a different end to it than this one. This is a locking feature which will enable you to lock your ladder rack to your truck bed. There's one for the rear and one for the front. There you have it for the Thule Exporter Pro truck bed ladder rack, part number TH500XT on our 2011 Ford F150.

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