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Thule Go Box Large Storage Container Review

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Review of the Thule Go Box Large Storage Container

Hi everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Thule Go Box. It's going to be an organizer and it's going to help you get all of those items kind of in one central place, just make it look a little bit better. I've seen a lot worse trunks than these, but when you open up the door there's just a lot of shoes in there. This way we could open this up and we can actually cover it up once it's all organized just so we don't have to look at it.

It's got some simple clamps here. Just push those in to release them. And it's going to open up pretty easily. We are going to have these two harder plastic and that's going to be our base for our floor. We can push that down and this is going to be a cover that is going to be attached, so once we get everything inside, we can actually drape this over and we'll have a little bit of pockets for our handles.

So let's just go ahead and fill it up.So as you can see, everything fit in here pretty nicely and it looks a lot better than a big old mess of shoes. We have a clean trunk as well, so we're going to have a little bit more room to store some more stuff. And on top of that it looks pretty nice. If you're going to play some sports, all these shoes, you're probably going to want to bring them with you. You can just carry it with you with this bag on top and you don't have to worry about it getting wet.

So we are going to have pretty thick straps we can use as handles and with this cover that you see, it's going to allow you to still use these handles and it's going to help resist against those weather elements without adding a whole lot of weight. It's really easy to get off and you don't have to worry about losing it just because they do have a cable that is going to keep this attached just so you don't lose it.So the inside of this bag is made with a weather resistant polyester material and that's going to just give you peace of mind whenever you're carrying around a lot of water, you really don't have to worry about it. It is just going to stay in your bag here, but just be mindful if you have other items that you don't want to get wet, I would probably advise you to either put it in a mess pocket or even just take a completely out of this carrier completely. So this does come in two different sizes. This is the larger one that you see here.

It's going to be 24 inches by 18 inches. And the other one, the smaller one is going to be 24 inches by 14 inches. And both of them are going to be about 12 inches tall.Let me show you how, first of all, how much stuff this can hold. This has got about eight pairs of shoes plus or minus a couple other items like hats. And this can also be great for those other items that just may be in your garage. You can really keep this thing anywhere and it'll really be able to store anything. So we are going to have these plastic inserts for the bottom. They're pretty tough. It's going to act as a pretty good structure support for this bag and all you really need to do is fold these in like so. I did find it to be best to take this cover and put it in this little rubber mesh compartment here just to keep it out of the way. Once we do that, fold these two up, fold it up like so and we can connect these hooks on those sides.And as you can see it's not too flat but it's definitely not going to take up a lot of space, especially if it's just in the corner of your garage or even your trunk. So we are going to have storageable pockets on the outside on each side. So we're going to have one right here. It doesn't have the best sidewalls, as you can see. It's just those strings holding it in. So probably better for your bulkier items, ones that aren't going to fall through these gaps here. But on the other side, we do have a completely sealed up pocket and it has this nice rubber webbing, which I've never really seen it before. I'm actually kind of a fan. It's definitely going to let all that water out just to keep those valuables not really sitting there and soaking in the water.Also, whenever it's in your trunk or garage, whatever it may be, we do have some grippy floors, so it's going to grip that floor just so it's not going to sit there and slide around very easily. Not going to lie, it's not necessarily the stickiest material, it just kind of grips and scratches that surface, but it's definitely going to be better than just a smooth surface on the bottom.So in my opinion, this compared to another type of organizer, the Rola one specifically, I definitely think this is a better choice. I like the structure of it and it honestly looks a lot better than the role of one in my opinion. And one of the main things I do like about it is this polyester material on the inside. Let's just say I'm going biking or golfing, whatever it is. I'm going to have some muddy shoes whenever the weather's not cooperating. And to put it in here, this can get really dirty and I can clean it out really easily with that material. I can just bring it over to my hose and hose it out. If I get the inside of my trunk all muddy, it's going to be a lot more difficult. I can't really bring a hose to that.So between that fact of being very easy to clean, even when it's extremely muddy and the fact that it really does condense down pretty easily, it's not as flat as the Rola, but I honestly think I'll be using this more often than the Rola organizer. Well, everyone, thanks for tuning in and taking a look at our Thule Go Box.

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