Thomas Payne Seismic Dual Power Reclining RV Loveseat Review

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Review of the Thomas Payne Seismic Dual Power Reclining RV Loveseat

Hi, there relaxation enthusiasts. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Thomas Paine's seismic Dual Power RV Loveseat. If you'd like to upgrade your love seat, you can add a center counsel by just putting in the center section here, you can pick one of those up here at It's a powered recliner that features massage in your backrest as well as heat and comes available in three different colors. You can get Cobble Creek, Grantland Doeskin, or the Majestic Chocolate, which we're showing off today. Unlike the Majestic Chocolate and the Grantland Doeskin, the Cobble Creek will have a woven fabric, but the woven fabric remains just as easy to clean and has the same stain resistance.

All the features are operated with the touch buttons located on your cup holder. You can see our heat. It illuminates when we turn it on, the massaging feature, you'll feel it right away, knowing that it's on, the other buttons remain illuminated so that way, when it's dark, you can easily see them to lower or raise your recliner.There is additional lighting which shows on your cup holder here as well as below the recliner. So you can use it as like a nightlight, so you can easily walk around your RV without the lights on and see where you're going. Lastly, we have our lockout feature here on the side and you can press this, and now none of the features here can be activated.

This is nice because it's a touch. So if you just get your hand resting here, you might accidentally hit a button, you don't have to worry about that because these buttons not touch, it's tactile. And it's also great for keeping children from playing with the buttons while you're trying to enjoy some TV. This will make a great replacement or upgrade for your older RVs and it can help modernize the interior of those.For your newer RVs, it can help add a sense of style and lets you customize it the way you want. Roadberry Travelers 00:01:50 would appreciate kicking back in this love seat.

They can sit next to their loved ones since there's two seats. You can both enjoy the massage and heat features to help revitalize yourself for your big day tomorrow. So polyhide gives it a leather look, but keeps it easy to maintain and clean. The soft padding on both the seat and back, make it easy to kick back and relaxing. It also features padded armrests and has high contrast stitching throughout to give it a sense of style.

And I'll be honest with you, it's not the most comfortable to nap in for adults. I'm six foot four and my feet hang off quite a bit towards the end, but for children, it's going to be great for them to take a quick cat nap on.If you're replacing a couch that used to be a fold-out for just one child, this would be a great replacement for one. Now, you're probably wondering, where can I fit this inside of my RV Well, I've got some dimensions for you here to help you pick out the right spot. The overall dimensions it's 61 inches wide, 36 and a half inches deep, and 40 and a half inches tall. Each side has 22 and a half inches wide and 21 and three-quarter inches deep of sitting area. To fully recline the unit in the back, you'll need at least three inches from the top of the backrest to the wall, and in front of the couch, you'll need about 24 inches for the footrest to extend. The couch comes in several different sections. You'll need at least a 24 inch wide opening on your doorway to fit the pieces through. Jackie spent at her desk for a while, so how does it feel to get out of your desk chair and sit on our couch hereJackie: It feels pretty great, inaudible 00:03:22. A little too relaxing to go back to work by me. Well, that's pretty perfect right there and it's got a place for your coffee, you can, recline with the touch of a button. How do you feel about the massage and heat functionsJackie: Let me try those out. I do like the massage that it's up high and down low, like Oh, it changes it. It does change. Yeah, it's got some different settings. Jackie: It feels like absolutely a normal couch that you would sit at your house. Yeah, it's small. It's got all the features that you need right there. It'll come shipped to you in two boxes like we have here. Well, now I want to carefully remove our couches from our boxes. You want to make sure you don't use a razor knife because you could accidentally damage the fabric that's located the V 00:04:05. Then we'll take our scissors and we want to gently go in at the corner and cut along the seam making sure that we don't go down into the box. Inside your boxes, you'll find that the backrest and the bottom are separate. So we'll carry in the backrest first, since they're smaller, go ahead and take the protective covering off.And then the base you'd fit in just as easily since we can turn it sideways, it's actually pretty easy, you can set it down on one side and just kind of roll it up, and see it's easy, so one person could do this by themselves. On the bottom of your couch, you're going to have several electrical connectors. We're going to be looking for the one with the pin and flat blade on it. You can see it's got a couple of years that stick out the side. This is what's going to plug into our electrical box that comes with it to give us our 120 volt power. And this is for our massage and reclined features. So we're simply plugging it in close the lock over onto the years, and we've now got our converter box plugged in.There's an electrical cable that comes with it as well that you'll plug into your converter box and you can take the electrical cord that'll plug into your outlet inside your RV. We're going to take the female in here for get into the male end our converter box. And we're now ready to plug it into the wall. You'll want to keep in mind that since this does run off of one 10, you'll need to either be plugged into an auxiliary source like you would at a campsite or don't need to have your generator running for the couch to operate properly. With our other one powered up as well, we can go ahead and connect our two bottom pieces together. You'll see that there are some male and female connections on each one. We're simply going to take our couch, we're going to lift it up, and it's just going to sit down onto the other one and locking together, keeping them as one piece.Now, we can attach our backrests on each of our side pieces. You're going to have ears on each side. And our back piece here has ears that will slide over those and lock into place with the metal tab there. We're going to keep in mind too, that there are electrical connectors on the bottom of our bag piece that will plug into connectors located on the backside of our bottom pieces. And now, take our back piece, we want to keep our wires up so that way they face towards the back. Then, we're going to line up both ears and slide it in place. You want to make sure you have plenty of wall clearance as well to get that installed. Once you've got it clicked down, we'll repeat this on the other side as well. Then we'll go back and make our electrical connections that we spoke about earlier. You want to make sure you connect the green to the green and the gray to the gray. And that completes our look at Thomas Payne's seismic Dual Power RV Loveseat..

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Kathy J.

can you get seat belts to come with this. we want to get this, and take out our jack knife couch that has seat belts to put recliners in.hoping to order soon.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

There are no seatbelts that come with any of the Thomas Payne furniture from Lippert components. You are welcome to try to fashion something working around the Thomas Payne Seismic Dual Power Reclining RV Loveseat but there aren't any provisions for that.