Thomas Payne RV Jackknife Sofa Review

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Review of the Thomas Payne RV Jackknife Sofa

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with Today, we're going to be taking a look at some Thomas Payne Jackknife RV sleeper sofas. We're going to have a lot of different options here at We have some that are a little bit bigger, some that are a little bit smaller and of course, some color and material options. Some of the orientations do come a little bit different. So one right here, we've going to have a larger center console, and some of them are going to come with the rather smaller center console like the one you see here, a little bit smaller.

Then of course, we do ask some options that won't have any center console at all. So what we're going to do today is we're going to choose the 68 inch sleeper sofa with the larger center console here, and what we're going to do is show you guys how to install it, get it all set up in your RV.We're also going to go over just some of those specs and measurements just so you guys know. So whether you're just, let's just say, replacing some of the more ratty furniture that you have in your RV, or just upgrading from the factory, I do think this is going to be a good bet. We do have good reviews of it, and it's just honestly comfy. I was not expecting it to be this comfortable, and it compacts down quite a bit.

It wasn't really hard at all to just set up. It didn't take long at all. Then you could just sit here and either enjoy a movie or just have a chat with a friend.A lot of you guys we're wondering if it's going to fit into your RV. So we're going to go ahead and find out. If you don't have an extra set of hands, I probably would suggest it just to pretty much just make a little bit easier on you.

So I'm going to grab this and let's head over to our RV. Slide in here. Our door is about 28 inches, so honestly, I don't think we'll have too much problems getting it in there. It is a close fit, but just the fact that it actually folds up is going to make it nice and easy to get it in. All right.

Honestly, the fact that it folds makes it really easy to get into these door jams.Let's see how it fits, put it down like that. Of course, our feet aren't on there yet, but I'm just going to flip this up, and we can go ahead and grab that kit and start installing. Our feet for this sofa come separately if you don't buy the kit. So I just suggest if you don't have a place to bolt feet to on your sofa, or have another system set up in your RV already, I just suggest grabbing the kit just because these we're designed for the sofa. All the hardware comes with it. You just pretty much just put it on there like so line up the holes and you can just feed it in there like that, and then we do have a nylon lock nut that goes on there as well.I say just get it hand tight for now and then get the other one done on the other side, and then we can come down and grab a half inch socket to tighten it all down with. Once we get these all tightened down, it should it be pretty much ready to go. With these nylon lock nuts, you really don't have to worry about them coming loose just over time, have them rattling cause that nylon is going to hold that nut into place. All right, so now we're done, let's go ahead and get this thing up right. Voila, we got ourselves a pretty nice couch and it's actually cool, matches walls too.This also is going to double as a bed. I would suggest when you're bolting it down to actually have it in the bed orientation, just so you know, that you can actually be able to put it in the sofa or the bed position before you bolt it down. So well, make your measurements, do everything there, just pretty much just have it like this. Then once you bolt it down, you'll have plenty of room to be able to put it back into the sofa position, but you won't have any of that rocking or anything like that, and that's why we want you guys to bolt it down.One thing we're not going to show you guys today is just mounting this to the floor. This isn't our RV, so we're not going to put holes where we don't need them, but the holes right here are for exactly that. You can just take those and drive it through your floor just so it's not going to be shifting around whenever you're driving down the road. From our wall all the way just to the start of our foot here, it's going to be about nine and a half inches. So whenever you're putting this somewhere and bolting it down, just give yourself nine and a half inches between your leg and your wall.The way that these are designed is to give you a bunch of storage, so you don't just have a couch and nowhere to store anything. So like underneath, usually we're going to have this little panel on like so. It's really simple. It just hooks onto the frame at three different points, so you can just lift this up a little bit and just plop it into place like so. But if this we're my RV, really we don't have access to the sides here. So if you have a smaller space you're putting this couch on, I would probably just suggest just not using this just so you can have it under there, but it really is super simple. You just saw me just plop it on there really quick. So you could always just store stuff and then put this over here just to cover it up. That pretty much does it for our install section of the video. Now, what we're going to do is go over some features.What I'm going to start with is the sweet center console. We're going to get two different drink holders. Each drink holder is going to be about three and a quarter inches in diameter. This whole panel here, just the wood part of it is going to be about 18 inches by 13 inches, just to let you guys know. It's probably a good amount of space to be able to put a laptop on here if you wanted to, whatever it may be. Also, this is going to be the 68 inch wide, so we got to just make sure that you have enough length there wherever you may be putting it. Also, we're going to measure height when it's in this orientation. From the ground to the back, it is going to be about 34 and a half inches and it comes up about halfway up my back. So it's pretty comfortable, not one of those big love seats that goes way above your head or anything like that, but definitely a comfy chair.So a lot of you guys we're wondering how much this is going to be able to store underneath of it. Since it's a 68 inch sofa, it's going to be that by the measurement. From all the way to the wall to the inner side of this panel here, that's going to be about 29 inches. So you're going to have about 68 by 29 inches of storage, and it is going to sit up relatively taller. I'll give you that measurement too. Just so you know, it's going to be about a little over a foot tall, so you should be able to fit a couple of storage totes in there, or whatever you guys have. Maybe just a simple amount of just necessities that you have, so they're there, but you don't have to look at them. You'll have plenty of room.When in bed mode, we'll do some measurement to see exactly how much space it's going to be taking up. So from the very end, and it's going to be about 42 and a half inches. If you guys are wondering how tall this is, maybe to see if you have a young infant or even just a smaller dog if they're going to be able to get up here, we'll do that right now. From the ground to the start of the cushion is going to be about 20 inches, so just keep that in mind. If you do plan on having infants around, you want to make sure they can get up or just to see if your dogs can or can't.Now that we're done with the feature section of the video, we're going to go ahead and provide a little bit more information just to help you guys make that decision on which one's right for you. The one thing that I noticed right away when I put it in the bed position is I could really feel that hard center console. So if you do plan on using this mainly as a bed, this might not be your best bet. But if you're planning on using it for a movie room or something like that, to be honest, this thing would be pretty cool. You got your drinks here. You can have your snacks here, and you can just sit and relax and watch a movie. The cloth was very . Honestly, I was pretty impressed just because it was nice and soft. It wasn't too gritty or anything like that. It was a comfy feel, but one thing that I thought of immediately, I have a dog and I don't think it would be the best to have something like this when she's going to be on it and off of it, and also with kids.We do have a vinyl option as well. It's going to have all the same features that you have watched earlier in the video, but of course, it'll just be a different material. As you can see here on the cloth, we're going to have a bunch of different grooves where all that dirt is going to just work its way in there over time, and of course, pet hair. It's not going to be the easiest to clean. We'll probably have to get a vacuum of some sort, but with a vinyl type, we can just take a wet cloth or something like that and just wipe it off, and everything will be ready to go.

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