Thomas Payne Heritage Dual Reclining RV Loveseat with Console Review

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Review of the Thomas Payne Heritage Dual Reclining RV Loveseat with Console

Adam: What's going on everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today is a good day. We're going to be taking a look at the Thomas Payne Heritage Dual Reclining RV Loveseats. These are going to be a great addition to your RV. Just if you want to just have a nice looking couch, but also it'd be nice and comfortable. Trust me, I wish you could be sitting here with me.

But these are extremely comfortable and I really like the material that we used.Everything is going to have high density foam, but then the material is going to be, it's kind of leather. It really does look like leather, but it is going to be a PolyHyde vinyl, super, super soft. It doesn't feel like some of those harder, really slippery kind of vinyl materials. I thought it was leather until I looked at the description. These are really, really nice and super, super comfortable.They have some stitching down here.

And it's going to have kind of a high contrast, it's not the same color as the material of the vinyl, but this isn't the only color you can go with. This is going to be the Grantland Doseskin color, but we're also going to have Majestic Chocolate and also Jaleco Chocolate.Depending on what kind of theme you're going within your RV, we're going to have different colors that are going to look great. In this video, we're pretty much just going to go and see if it's going to fit in your RV, give you some dimensions and stuff and then see if it's going to be a right fit for you as well. Let's go ahead and get started.With the center console, I really like it just because I usually watch movies there's a TV right behind you. And this is going to be great for holding all your drinks, holding all your remotes and stuff, you don't lose them.

I always lose remotes. And another thing to kind of think about when we're talking about losing remotes, there really isn't any gap in between these.I don't think we're going to lose a lot of items down here just because a lot of different sofas they have black holes somewhere wedged in between there. I don't know where all the stuff goes, but the padding and high density foam definitely covers up a lot of those spots you might lose some stuff, that's great. And then we can go ahead and put it in the center console and that's going to be awesome.It is actually a relatively big center console. All your remotes and stuff are going to fit in there.

Let's give you some measurements. We're going to have a depth of about seven and a half inches. It's going to be about six inches wide and it's going to be about nine and a half inches long. Plenty of room down there to put whatever you want, you can put some DVDs or something down there. Regardless, you just have some storage space in your couch. And I liked that a lot.Another thing we do have is cup holders for your drinks. These are going to be great for just your canned soda, your water bottles and stuff like that. They are going to be about two and three quarter inches wide. But something to note, if you guys have some bigger cups like this, they aren't really fitting too well. That is something I kind of looked for. I have a lot of cups like this, if you do too, that's what you keep in your RV and you drink out of. It's not really going to do too well with the bigger stuff.Another thing I like about the cup holders, sometimes you spill stuff in there and they're really, really hard to kind of get in there and clean everything out. But just take it out, go ahead and wash it in your sink real quick, dry it. And then perfect.Let's go over some dimensions to see if it's actually going to fit in your RV, find the spot that you want and then take these dimensions into consideration. With the center console in there, we're going to have a length of about 66 inches. We are going to have about 40 inches tall from the ground to the very top of our pads here. And we are going to have a depth of about 36 and a half inches, be mindful of that.And another thing to think about too is whenever we're reclining, we're going to have a couple measurements where you're going to have to keep it a certain amount away from the wall to be able to fully recline everything. Whenever we're putting this up against the wall, just to make sure that the back end here is going to be at least three inches from the wall. This is just going to allow us to completely recline all the way back.As you can see it kind of shift forward quite a bit, this is going to help just with all that clearance, I know a bunch of space. It's kind of a big deal when it comes to RVs with this, all you need is three inches and I really liked that. Let's also figure out how much it's really going to expand. When we just have it up like this, we are going to have a length of about 53 and a half inches.But when we're completely leaned back like this, it's going to be a little bit longer. It's going to be about 66 inches, be mindful of that. Make sure you have plenty enough room in front of the couch, of course, just because you're probably going to want to lounge down a little bit. Which as you guys could see when I was reclining it, I really liked it just because I didn't have to be sitting in there to activate everything.It's a really good design. Everything transitions really smoothly between the reclining and not reclining portion. As you can see here, all I got to do is kind of just push it in like this. And then it doesn't really take me much effort at all to get that pushed back in. Another thing I like again, space is a big concern when you're living in an RV or just going on trips.The cool thing about it is we don't have to reach around to the side to be able to pull the recliners. Pretty much, it's just going to be slid in between these two little sections here. It isn't the most accessible to be completely honest, but that's something that kind of helps us not lose stuff in these little cracks. It's really, really easy and you really don't really need to be sitting in it at all. Like I said before, pull it, good design slides all the way back. Just like this hand, I'm just very, very pleased with how this is all going.Now let's go ahead and see if it's going to be a great fit for you. We want to make sure you're going to be nice and comfortable, hopefully these measurements are going to help a little bit. From the ground to the center top part of our seat, it is going to be about 20 inches tall. And then from the very edge here, all the way to where the cushion starts to the back it's going to be about 21 inches and it does come in quite a bit. Just take that into consideration, but this is a good control for you guys just to be able to know if it's going to fit, about 21 inches there.And then whenever we're sitting down, it doesn't completely support my head. But as I reclined back, it does. But I'm about 5'10 ish, it's not really covering my head. It's going to be about two foot up, be mindful of that. And again, just to give you guys a representation of how comfortable you guys may be, whenever you're completely reclined back.I'm about again, 5'11 ish and I do have my feet kind of dangling off the end a little bit. I'm not uncomfortable, that's for sure. But be mindful of that if you guys are pushing six foot, you might have a little bit more overhang on your feet.All in all, I'm definitely going to say I'd like the couches are super comfy. I know you guys aren't sitting here next to me experiencing the comfort, but you can trust me they're comfortable.And another thing I like too, this is going to be really easy to clean, but they put this little protector here. We can take it off if we want, but it does look good. And this is probably going to be a section that's going to get most dirty in my opinion just because if the kiddos are on here, their feet and shoes might even be right on this section here.But I would probably just keep it comes with it. It's going to keep it nice and protected. And it doesn't really look that bad either and I kind of liked that. All in all, definitely going to say, I would recommend these regardless of what color you go with. They're all going to look good and they're all super, super soft vinyl. That's what I like about it.Again, I told you I thought it was leather. It's not leather, it's vinyl. That's awesome. I really liked that. And it's definitely an upgrade to any of the cloth seats you guys have. If you've got kids they're dirty, I'm dirty enough as it is. But if you have a bunch of kiddos running around, you got crumbs, you got goldfish, everything gets ground down into that fabric.I don't really like that. With this, you can go ahead and vacuum it up really quickly or you can just take a little wipe, wipe it all down and make it really, really nice and easy. This is going to be great for you who are just getting done with the trip you want to clean up really quick and easy. Definitely the vinyl type love seats are going to be for you.First things first, I'm going to give you guys a little bit of advice. I've been doing this all day. Pretty much what I want you to do is take your boxes. I'm going to have two here, two down here, and the center console right here. What we're going to do is unbox it, take all the pieces out separately. And don't unwrap them just because why not just protect them as we bring them inside, that's pretty much all you got to do.Unbox everything, bring them in separately, keep the wrapping on there until we're inside, and then we're going to go ahead and assemble. It is pretty simple to get these in because it's a little shy 26 inches in this orientation, up on its side with the bottom facing one of the sides of our doors.If you really do have a door that's going to be about 26 inches, it'll be a tight fit, but it will still fit, just be mindful of that. Definitely measure your door before you go ahead and purchase. But if you're in that range pretty much good. I'm going to finish taking all this stuff inside.Another piece of advice for you. When we come to the assembly portion of the couch, what we need to do is evaluate the brackets, take the center console. That's what we're going to be using first. We're going to have one bracket that's going to have the tab facing down. When I say tab, it's these three corners here. And then on the other side the tabs going to be facing up.Obviously, we need to align it to where the cup holders the cup holders need to be. And then we're going to take the side that has the tabs facing down and we're going to hook it on to one of the sides. It's just going to go up and over. Can't really see it, but this fits in that little slot and then we're done for now.Now we go ahead and do the same exact thing. Just take this, kind of lift it up and slide it into the slots of our center console. And make sure it's nice and even. And we want to do this before we put the backs on, that is something that's going to make this a lot easier and align it up.Once it's in there, kind of push it down or you can just go ahead and have a seat. Kind of locks it into place, it's not going anywhere. Now let's go ahead and grab the backs and then start assembling.Now it's time to assemble the backs pretty much all we got to do. See this little bracket here that is going to go around these. It's going to be pretty easy, pretty self explanatory, not too difficult. Pretty much just ID the right side. Of course, arm rest lines up with the arm rest. It's only going to fit one way. If you're having troubles just start shifting parts around, but hopefully my video is going to help you.Once you get into place, it will kind of slide down and we're waiting for a satisfying click, you heard it. Now, we're good there. We're going to continue just to keep going down the line. I'm going to grab the center console and all of these are going to have the same exact brackets, same exact process that we're going to do. Kind of slide it into place again, get it lined up.And once we do that, I'm pretty much done. I'm going to go ahead and do this one and then start relaxing. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Thomas Payne Dual Reclining RV Loveseats.

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