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Taylor Made Standard Grade P-ShapeDock Edging Review

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Review of the Taylor Made Standard Grade P-ShapeDock Edging

Shane: Hey, everyone. Shane here with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Taylor Made P-shape dock edging. This is going to be designed for the edges of your docks, whether it's a private flowing dock or maybe in a marina. And what it does, you can see how this one is here. It protects the edge, not only the edge of your dock, but it's also going to protect any boat or any watercraft you may want to tie up to your dock to keep it from making contact with the wood itself.Now, this isn't going to come with the hardware to get it mounted.

It's going to be constructed out of a nice durable PVC, so it's going to be mildew resistant. We're not going to have to worry about it breaking down during different weather conditions. As far as the installation, it's pretty simple and straightforward. You just line it up with your dock. One end is going to have a flap on it.

That's going to be on the top side and the other side is going to come straight down. It's going to be on the bottom edge.You simply just line it up, whether you want to meet it like this. What I actually did is I cut a little section out so I can overlap these two like that. And then I'll end up putting another screw here and I'll just go along and put a screw in every so often, whatever makes you comfortable to hold it down. And then you can throw a couple down along the bottom side.

These are going to come in 10 foot sections. They're going to be available in black, white or clear. You can find each of those at let's go ahead and start showing you how to get this installed. I'm going to overlap this here. We're going to run it right along the edge and what I'm using, I'm using wood screws just to make sure I go down through the wood good enough.

Really up to you what hardware you use. These wood screws seem to work pretty well. And we'll do the same thing. Just run it across the edge here. You can see that the boards we're cut a little bit off so this actually makes it great for actually covering up those imperfections also.Another great thing is when you're using it, maybe getting in and out of the water, are we using it as a dock to go out in the middle of the water or to jump off of, let your kids jump off of, we're not going to have to worry about damaging ourselves, hurting ourselves, getting in and out by the edge of the wood. I think these things are really great. They serve a lot of different purposes. And they're really easy to put on.Now, we offer a lot of different dock accessories. We actually have our dock pulled up like this because we're going to be adding a ladder on, but you can also find dock cleats and floats. You find each one of those here at Once you've got one installed, you're going to repeat the process for any other edging you're installing. That's going to do it for look at and installation on the Taylor Made P-shape dock edging.

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