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Taylor Made Big B Inflatable Center Tube Boat Fender Review

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Review of the Taylor Made Big B Inflatable Center Tube Boat Fender

AJ What's up everybody. It's AJ with etrailer dot com. Today, we're gonna check it out this fender from Taylor Made. Now this one's gonna be a little different from some of the other ones you can see right away. You actually run the rope through the fender and tie it back up here. It's gonna be really good for if you have it horizontal right here with the boat dock and it comes in to hit that dock it's gonna protect it from any collision.

Let's check it out. Now, make sure you check your boat and get the right size. 'Cause there is different sizes of the fenders. You wanna make sure you get the right one for the right boat. Take a closer look at our fender here.

It's made out of vinyl. It has the same rib size as most other fenders do. It's gonna help it grip and make sure it doesn't travel too much on the side of your boat when it's hanging there. We're gonna look right here at the top. You can see the valve.

That's gonna be used to add more air to it. If you think it needs more, if it's deflated a little bit on you and you need to add some more you can do that with a needle that you use on a basketball or even a soccer ball. You can also set it up vertically. Now, you will need a longer rope. It doesn't come with the rope.

So, this is the one we have for our old one that worked just fine this way. You can see the waters are a little bit rough today. So, this is exactly why we need it. The boat's going up and down. It's gonna come here and hit the dock and this is gonna help keep it protected from actually colliding with the dock or even if you we're mooring and you we're tied up to another boat this would help be that buffer in between them. Along with different sizes, there's also different styles of fenders out there. The one we have up front, I kind of like that one better. It's got double eyelets on each side. So, that one's a little easier, if you have a shorter rope to run that through there and get that adjusted, whether you're going up and down or you're going with the dock it can be set up the same way. Overall, it's up to you on what fenders gonna work with you and your boat. There's many different colors out there. I suggest look at our website and see what's gonna work best for you and what you want with your boat. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope it's helped..

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