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Swagman To-Go Beverage Holder Clip for Bikes Review

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Review of the Swagman To-Go Beverage Holder Clip for Bikes

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Swagman To-Go beverage holder, part number S80980. It's a very convenient, easy to use product. As you can see we've got flexible arms here, designed to fit a wide variety of different cups whether it's a plastic cup, drink cup, small water bottle, or even cans. It's going to hold them nice and securely. It's got kind of a pressure lever here on the rear that draws those clamps together and it'll get them secured nicely around our handlebar. It is a three position, adjustable simply by unscrewing the small Allen bolt there.

We can adjust it into its higher position, the medium it's set now, or the lower position. It's constructed of a nice durable plastic material, allows it to be flexible, but also stand up to any of the elements. When it gets cold outside we don't have to worry about it cracking, when it gets hot outside we're not going to have to about it deforming. Now, to install it on your bike, you want to loosen up the black lever, you'll just turn that counterclockwise, that's going to open that clamp arm for us. It fits right over the handlebar of our bike. As you can see here, we've got a small black rubber piece that should fit right in between there.

We'll now turn the lever and start closing up our clamp there. Once we get it tight enough we'll feel that bottom lever start to make contact with our handlebar, once we feel that we'll cam 00:01:40 our lever over. Push that down. As you can see, it's nice and secure there. Grab our glass, place it in there and we'll head down the road. Now that we've got it installed on our handlebars and you've seen how it works, that will complete today's look at the Swagman-to-go beverage holder for the handlebars, part number S80980.


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