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Swagman Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2021 Subaru Crosstrek

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Review of the Swagman Hitch Bike Racks on a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek

What's up everybody. It's Aj with Today we're gonna be checking out the Swagman original four bike carrier on our 2021 Subaru Crosstrek. Now this bike rack is unique because, it not only fits your home vehicle, your home use vehicle like your Crosstrek, but it also fit on, your motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer or even your flat-towed vehicle. So that's pretty nice that they can work on too. You don't have to find have two different bike racks for that. That means it's built pretty sturdy.

It's gonna stay in place. The first thing we wonder about while it holds the bikes, is how much movement there is. So I can shake it like this, and you see there's not much movement at all with the bike. I was worried about swaying back and forth, because when you're gonna load up all four bikes, you don't want them making contact with each other but it's not a problem with this one. That's the hand knob system and the two plates pushing on the frame of the bike holding in place.

With that said though, I wouldn't recommend putting a carbon fiber bike on here because of it pushing down on the frame, or hanging by the frame. You don't want to damage the frame of one of those bikes. Otherwise, any other bike it'll work just fine. I'll start loosening these hand knobs, so we can take the bike off. While I'm doing that and point out the vinyl cradles here on the inside.

That's going to protect the frame of your bike and even has grooves in there, so that the cables can not get crushed. The hand knobs are nice because you don't need tools. You can just do this with your hands. You don't have to worry about getting an Allen wrench or something like that, or some kind of special tool. Now the vinyl cradles are replaceable.

So if something was happening, one popped out, you can order new ones and replace them. So you don't have to get a whole new bike rack. If something like that happens. Now the thing I want to point out, is upfront. When you see this hole here, and that's for adding a padlock. So you can put a padlock on there, lock the two plates together. That way nobody can mess with it when you're not around. With that loosen, I can remove the top plate and show you just like the bottom one, same vinyl cradles. You can also replace these. Set this aside, or remove our bike. It's also pretty easy to move the bike because it's just one single arm. You don't have the two arms that sometimes the cables get stuck on. Just you have to lift it up. It's really easy to get bikes on and off of there. Even with four bikes, there's plenty of room for all four of them. We didn't have to adjust anything. The cradles can also hold 35 pounds per cradle. So that's going to be 35, 35, 35. 35. Tighten this back down. Not all the way, just loosely install the hand knobs. And then we can move on to measurements. Most loosely installed. Let's see how much it adds to the back of your Crosstrek. So from the bumper, all the way to the edge, looks to be 38 inches straight down there. See how close it gets to your bumper. Looks 11 and a half inches away from your bumper, So that's plenty of space. This thing doesn't move at all. So you don't have to worry about it making contact for any reason. Another good thing, that it's so far apart, is you're going to actually open up the back hatch, of your Crosstrek, with the bike rack on there. That's pretty cool feature, especially because this doesn't tilt or move. So it's going to stay there but you don't have to worry about it. You can still get back access. The only thing I will tell you, is if you have a bike loaded on here, you might have to just move the handlebars a little bit and that's how we we're able to get on there with bikes loaded. Not a big deal, still works and so functional. Let's go ahead and get ground clearance too. To go from the ground to the bottom. This would be right there at 12 and a half inches. Now, while we're down here, we can look at the hitch, see if it's two inch by two inch hitches. It's got an anti-rattle bolt. So I went also has a locking anti-rattle bolt you can get, in a lock on this side. That way you can lock it down here at the hitch and up top of the pie lock. Nobody can mess with this when you're not around you. The only thing I might add as well,is the trailer hitch aligner. It'll go the collar around the shank and the bike rack and you'll tighten it down here so that every time you go to pull this out you slide it in. That collar will make contact with the hitch and line that anti-rattle hitch pin hole every single time on the first try. So that just takes the guesswork out of loading this up. Sliding past the whole sliding back trying to align that. Can be kind of annoying. With that tool in place, it will hit that collar, line it up and you're going to solve the bolt and it's way easier. Well, I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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