Swagman Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2013 Ford Flex

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Review of the Swagman Hitch-Bike Racks on a 2013 Ford Flex

Today on our 2013 Ford Flex we're going to be doing a test for the Swagman Original-3 bike rack, part number S64152-2. It's for 2-inch hitches. I've already got a load into the receiver so you can get a good idea what it's going to look like in the back of your Flex. Let's go ahead and tighten it up with our included anti-rattle bolt. You want to make sure and line up your pinholes. This is going to be inserted from the passenger side, here.

The nice thing about this anti-rattle bolt is that it's going to help reduce the play and the rattle within our hitch and our bike rack. You can see without that being tightened down, you've got a lot of play there. We can tighten that down, grab my wrench here. We'll get that nice and tight then we'll give it another quick shake so you can see that most of that play is gone. We've got our clip in place.

All right. As you can see, the play has been reduced. Let's take a few measurements. It looks like the nearest point is going to be from here to our bumper, about 8 inches away. Then, overall to the Flex, we've added about 32 inches. Our ground clearance is about 10 1/2 inches away, underneath here.

Let's go ahead and get into loading our bike. What we want to do is go ahead and remove this top plate, here. You'll undo both of these knobs. Go ahead and pull that off. Then, we can go ahead and grab our bike, come up over the top, try to get that weight distributed a little bit between the front and the rear, and then we can grab our plate and just replace that.

Get it nice and secure. No reason to over tighten. Once both knobs are nice and snug, it's going to provide a nice, solid fit for our bike. At the end, we can even lock it with a padlock, if we want, with these two holes, here. We sell plenty of those here at etrailer.com. That feels pretty good. Our bike is nice and secure. One more thing, with our bike loaded up, let's go ahead and check our rear hatch. Now, our bike rack is a fixed bike rack. Let's just check our rear hatch and see how much room we've got before it's going to make any contact. As you can see, right there, before it comes in contact with our crank shaft or our pedal, we still can still get into our rear hatch about that much to remove any cargo, gear, groceries, anything that we might have with us on our trip. That's going complete our test fit of the Swagman Original-3 bike rack, part number S64152-2, on our 2013 Ford Flex.

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Mark T 06/12/2019

Show 3 bikes loaded 56485

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Rachael H 06/18/2019

Thanks for your feedback. We do have a video that shows 3 bikes loaded and that can be found at the link below. We also have additional informaiton and customer pics and reviews that indicate 3 bikes loaded on this bike rack . 49617

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