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Swagman Front Cargo Retro Bike Basket Review

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Review of the Swagman Front Cargo Retro Bike Basket

Hi, it's Eve Angie from And today we are looking at our front cargo basket with a quick release mount from Swagman here at Now, what's great about this basket is if you want something that looks really good, it has a nice retro classy look, but it's also very functional, this is a great basket. It has a quick release mount here, so you can just take off your basket if you want to go shopping, fill it up and pop it right back in when you're ready to go.I already filled it up with some French bread, my Apple, my water, just something for like a nice little picnic. There's a lot more space in here to fill it up with other things. So, you can see that maybe if you want to go grocery shopping, and if you're worried about hygiene or you want to reduce waste, you can easily bring this inside while you go shopping and fill it up with what you need.

There's so much space in there.To take it off, there's a lever right here in the back. You just press, and then you can just slide it up and away. Now to put it back is the same thing. You don't even have to press the lever. You just find its spot and it slides into place.I really like the look.

It does have a retro style, but when it's matched with our modern bike here, it matches the whole bike and it really fits in for a nice aesthetic. It's also made of metal. With its black finish here, it will match different styles, different colors of bikes, and it's durable too. So if you're riding out to the beach or riding around town, it will stand up to the sun, the sand, the wind. I really like it.

It works well and it looks good.When using a basket with my bike, I like to think about what can I fit inside this basket So the dimensions of the basket from this end to the back is about nine and a half. Now, this does slope up a bit in the front, just to give you a little extra space. And for the sides, it's from this end to the other side, it's about 13 and a quarter. As for the height of the basket from the top to the bottom, it's about nine and a quarter. So, that's just something to keep in mind when trying to fit things inside the basket.Now, for the dimensions of our quick release mounts here, it does fit handlebars of different sizes.

But a thing to note here is that it fits over our handlebar. Some handlebars of bikes may have a larger bracket here. So, you have to make sure it fits within two inches so that the mount can fit around it.Now, this is super lightweight. When I was carrying it around, it was very easy and not cumbersome. And when riding around with it, I didn't feel like it was pushing my bike forward too much, and it was really nice that it was very light. Now because it is light, it does have a weight capacity of 12 pounds. So just keep that in mind when you're putting stuff in there and not to overburden it too much.I really like the design and it's functional as well. It has a bit of space here to put my stuff and it was lightweight, which I appreciated. So, I didn't have to worry about carrying it around and being weighed down. Now, as for the quick release mount here, it was a little tricky figuring out where all the different parts goes and which parts I needed to use on my bike. But once I figured that out, it was a breeze afterwards.With that being said, let's take a look at how we install it on our bike. So, the first thing is that this basket comes with rubber grip strips. So, these might be needed. You might need to cut these according to the size of your handlebars. We have large handlebars here, so we don't need to cut it, but just wrap them around your bars first before you start anything, just to see if they fit. With these in place, you need to figure out which grip you need to use for your quick release bike basket. So in this case, we measured the circumference of our handlebars and we found the diameter. So if you figure that out, you then can follow the instructions to find out which one of these need to use. We will be using the larger pieces. So they are RS and LS.So remember, you're facing the bike, so RS is on this side and have the groove edges towards the back. So RS and then LS. Attaching a bass is super simple. You just place it on top of the grips. So from here, you may need to adjust the grips underneath to make sure they line up with your base like that, and you may need to rotate the base as well to find that perfect spot on there. So once you're flushed together, you can then attach this bottom part. And the bottom part of the base clips underneath, and then it was wraps around. So when clipping it, I have noticed that the grips might move around a little bit, but that's okay. You can just rotate this base to get that perfect fit in right there.This basket comes with its own hex key, two screws, two washers, and then that's our RID inside. So make sure the washer's on the screw on the bolt and just pop that in there. I like to pop both of them in there so that I can tighten them down in an alternate fashion. So, I first tighten down this side with the hex key. Then, when I got that gripping in there, tighten down the other side. And just go back and forth till they're both tight. That looks good.You can then just place the basket over and slide it down. See, you can hear that click and you know it's in place. You can also press the sides of your mount, and this can rotate the basket. So, release and it's in that position. Push that in, release and it's in whatever position you need it to be.So, now I'm going to show you my little discussion with my coworkers who had some questions about the bike basket. Okay. So, this is the front cargo basket with this quick release mount by Swagman. And you have it here installed on our bike right now. So, you have any questions about it because I personally so far, I have used bike baskets before, and I really liked the style for this because I would just bring it my bike with me, just riding around town, and I'd use it in a grocery store and just get small items. So, I like how it looks right here, but I don't know. Do you have any questions about maybe install or maybe what it's used forAnd I can fit a good amount more of maybe food and grocery items. I could probably fit a grocery bag in there with some other foods. If I was riding around, I would have a little small backpack that I would actually put inside the basket instead of riding with me. So, it frees me up for a ride, like a better ride experience. So, it's a good amount of space. I have seen larger baskets, but the trade-off for that is that they might be a bit heavier, a bit bulkier. So, it's just something, it depends on what you're using it for. So, would you say that this would replace wearing a backpack I know a lot of people don't like to wear a backpack or they feel it's confining or kind of weighs them down or they got a bad back or whatever. So, this would kind of be a substitute for that Yeah. I know that's a big thing with bike baskets is for me, I would also be carrying around a purse. So yes, I would definitely use a bike basket instead of carrying my purse around. If you have a larger backpack, it might not work as well since this has a weight capacity about 12 pounds, but yes, for smaller backpacks and maybe your essentials, your phone, wallet, keys, it's great for just putting that in there, instead of trying to carry your backpack inaudible 00:08:58. It looks like it's pretty deep. How concerned would you be about dropping valuables in there and then say hitting a bump or hitting the curb too hard and having stuff pop out Yeah. So, it is deep, but I'll just roll over our bike rack here. So, if I had larger items, yeah, this loaf might fall out, but I have been over speed bumps in our parking lot when we we're riding around with this and it wasn't too bad. I guess it wouldn't fall out, but you would have to arrange your things strategically. Speaker 3: Not only that, but to be honest, you could throw in like some form of cushioning, maybe like a towel or something at the bottom in case you're worried about your phone or more valuable items. Yeah. This can also be locked in the upright position here. It can give space up there, so if you want to ride around with the handlebars- Oh, the handlebars. The handle up in the upward position that would might help a little bit if with your larger items falling out. But other than that, I mean, a best way to do it is I would carry my small bag with me anyways. So, it'd be inside my bag inside this basket. inaudible 00:10:29 really small and fly away-able. But yeah, any questions about it Because there was some issues with the install at first that users might have some struggle with. No, address that, if there was some issues, what would we be running into I mean, it wasn't so much of issues. It was just a little bit tricky to figure out how to install because you have to measure the bike handlebars. So, if you know what your bike handlebars are, there's different pieces of grips. Let me just grab those real quick.So, these have different grips for different handlebars. So, really the issue was figuring out which grips fit the handlebars and how to fit the mounting thing over it. So, sometimes the handlebars are a different size. The instruction manual said 22 inches and then 25 millimeter diameter than 31 millimeter diameter. So if you're in between, it was a bit of a struggle to figure out the best fit for the install. That's what took up most of our time installing this, but once you figure out what fit for this bicycle, then we we're fine. Speaker 3: Another thing I would definitely keep an eye out for is making sure that it actually works on the front of your bike because we had that problem because we originally we're going to go with a couple of different bikes. So, we have here our fat bike. And if you look at the handlebars, it has this on the handlebars and the basket could not fit around this. Speaker 3: Yeah. The base play wouldn't even close at all around it. And obviously, we had the same problem with the electric bike, as it has a front. We also tried to put the actual thing on this right here, but we also learned that there's a little stopping mechanism. Yes. Speaker 3: And if you don't have this actual part of the bike, it won't stop it. So, you actually have to put it on that part of the handles. You can't put it on a higher bar or anything like that. So, that's something to keep in mind if you're buying that. If you have a big, fat part of the front for the handle, it won't fit. So, we measured it and it's two inches of. So, if you have a bracket here that's larger than two inches, it's not going to fit around your handlebars. So then there's probably a lot of bikes out there that this won't work with. Or do you think that it'll work with more bikes that it won't work with Speaker 3: I would say, yeah. This is definitely for the bigger, bulkier bikes, like the big tire bikes. Probably won't work on most of them unless you double check beforehand, but all of the other bikes that we we're kind of checking, they mostly work. Yeah. It fits on most of our bikes here at the studio. It was just this one and the electric bike that we couldn't put it on, but in a case of the electric bike, it's because it has the computer system connected there. So, it couldn't fit around that. Okay. But other than that, I guess they just need to know what would fit their bike. So, it just has to be within two inches and it has to have this top, this tube over here on the handlebars, but that's basically it. It's pretty easy to figure out after that. Okay. Can you show us how easy it is to disconnect and reconnect Oh, yes, definitely. So, it's just a lever and you just pull it up. Oh, that's easy. It was very easy. And then it just slides back into place. Speaker 3: Yeah. It's got a clipping mechanism, so you have to slide it down it because you can see inside the ridges. So, you just have to get it inside and then it just snaps back into place. Oh, yeah. That's really easy. So, I like that because there are some bike baskets that are lockable. Etrailer might have some, but it is a function with some bike baskets. It's a big function with handlebar bags that you can lock them. But in this case, it is so easy to remove. If I was worried about theft, I would just bring it in with me. It's light too. And I don't have to worry about it too much. Well, that's nice too, if you've got a lot of loose items that you can't really carry back into the house with you, you can just grab the basket and bring it back in. Exactly. Yes. We we're using the whole, like my phone, wallet, keys while we we're going around this video. So, it is nice. I love the concept of a bike basket. I'd use it. I like this one. The quick release was really nice because it was so fast. It's pretty deep. I mean, if people wanted more security and maybe something waterproof, they wouldn't get a basket. They would get a bag, but this is good for riding to the beach or around town. Sure. Do you see anything about the basket that would interfere with your ride, like steering No. That's actually what the mount I know this is good for because it brings it forward. So, it doesn't tangle in with your brake lines. It gives space for that and because it's light, it doesn't weigh you down. So, I actually did not notice any struggles with it.It also can be adjusted up and down. So, if you have problems with, if it's too high and you think it's obstructing your vision, you can always angle it down a bit more, just whatever would help you with your ride. So, no, it was pretty good with actual function while riding. Now, how is the connection between the basket and the coupler Is it pretty solid Is there any shaking Speaker 3: For the most part, it's pretty solid. Just you have to make sure that it's actually on there because we had a couple of times where we thought it was on there and it didn't slip in all the way, but it's usually once you get used to it, right in here, you can kind of see, make sure that it's not coming up or down. Yeah. Speaker 3: Yeah, it's really in there. It's in there. I mean, that's what the click is for. It also says in the description and in the instructions that when you insert it, you're supposed to here click and that's how you know it's in there. So, if you don't hear that click, you will definitely have problems. But once it's attached properly, it's there. It's sturdy. Yeah. It looks very sturdy. Speaker 4: I have a question. If you get into a bike accident, how durable is that basket Is the basket going to be easily destroyed if you wreck your bike Speaker 3: It would definitely dent because I was feeling it earlier and it's not like super, super hard. I can kind of move it a little bit, but it's not going to be ripped to shreds or anything. It's still metal. Yeah. If the accident is bad enough to dent the bike basket, it's an accident bad enough to damage your bike. You get what I mean Speaker 3: You probably could fix the bike basket before you can fix your bike. You can just take a hammer and hammer the dents out. Speaker 4: Gotcha. It's definitely a lightweight metal. Yeah, if I kicked it, it would dent. But other than that, I think the main focus is to carry things around. So, it's durable enough for the wind and elements, and that's what I would use the bike basket for. I mean, that's what I'd be concerned with. I could picture people living in an apartment in the city, they just want to go down and get one quick bag of groceries for dinner or something like that. That would probably be our main demographic for that. Absolutely. Yes, and that was me. Speaker 3: My roommates actually been looking for this kind of bike basket. So, I may bring it up to him because the good thing about this is since it is metal and it has a design that's not going to be like, Oh, you know, it's going to look weird on certain types of bikes. It's something that's just kind of neutral in a lot of situations. Yeah. I know Wicker baskets are a big thing too, but I do prefer this style more than Wicker because I like the metal as well. One thing to keep an eye out though, is if it does get scratched, it's ideal to repaint it or to touch up the paint to avoid rusting because once that paint comes off, then you can possibly have rust on your bike basket. So ,that's just something to, I guess, keep in mind. Yeah. It seems like a nice, low cost solution for people that are wanting to ditch the backpack. For sure. For sure. Yeah. Or put your backpack in your basket. I like it. Also for maybe, especially in the city, if you want to commute to work and maybe you want to ride your bike to work, it's a great place to store your change of clothes, your shoes. Speaker 3: Yeah. This is definitely really useful for like, if you're in a water hazardous area, like you're going to the beach or you're in an area that's really rainy and all that, because let's say you throw your, like she said, your clothes in or something like that, since it's really open, it's going to be able to dry off a lot quicker if it was like a closed basket. A picnic at the beach, the sand would just fall out. Speaker 3: Yeah. Easy, clean up. Yeah. So, overall I think it's pretty good. Once you figure out how to install it, it's really easy to do it again and again. It's just first learning to install it, that was tricky. But once it's there, it's good to go. Sure. So, that was a discussion with my coworkers about this front cargo basket. I hope I answered any questions you might have about it. And this was the front cargo basket by Swagman here at etrailer. Bye.

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