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Swagman Deluxe Bike Frame Adapter Bar Review

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Review of the Swagman Deluxe Bike Frame Adapter Bar

Hey there, bike owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Swagman's deluxe adapter bar. This is going to work with your women's, children's and alternative frame style bikes to allow them to sit properly on a hanging style bike rack.Now right off the bat, I want to show you the problem you can run into with your women's, children's and alternative style bikes. Here on our women's bike, you can see we have a slanted top tube, which you're going to pretty much have this problem on any bike where the top tube doesn't go from the head to the seat post, and that's no good going down the road. It's going to make awkward situation for getting multiple bikes on here, and it's also up too high, it's going to block your windshield view. So, let's go ahead and solve that problem with our Swagman's adapter bar.You can see I've already got it in place, and that's going to just basically reposition our top tube, allowing our bike to hang from its seat and the handlebars into any hanging style bike rack.

And then you can then just secure it the way you normally would with any top tube style bicycle.It's going to make it much easier to get four bikes on a four bike rack when they're all in the same configuration. You can see here, I've got it on the outermost cradle. We do always recommend you install it on the innermost cradle, but just for demonstration purposes, I got here on the outermost. But again, I'll show you, if I take it off, it's also going to make it really easy for loading and unloading these bikes too because I've got plenty of room in here to get it all the way back here without a problem.That's going to work on a wide variety of bikes, just to give you an idea of the usable length in its smallest configuration here, fully retracted. It's got 19 inches of usable length and that's where it will make contact at the front of the bike and the rear of the bike.

And it can extend all the way out to 26 inches of usable length for even those large step through bikes and other things like that, that you may be trying to use this with.So what that means for you is if the measurement from your seat posts to your handlebars is in-between that measurement, it should work comfortably for you. We are just about 20 and a half inches here. We're well within that range. So our women's bikes going to work out great. The bar is a steel construction with a black powder coat finish, so it's going to resist rust and corrosion.

It does have an internal line that gives it tension, so it's not going to be set at one position, but you can extend it to any position.When putting it in place on your bike, you can go ahead and open up the gates on either side and the portions here at either end that come in contact with your bike are vinyl coated, so you won't have to worry about it scratching or harming your bike. Smaller end goes around your handlebar tube and the larger end goes around your seat post. Lock it in place. Now, you've got effectively a new top view for your bike to hang by.It can also help out with some platform style bike racks too. Particularly if you have a really aggressive dip here, like on some of those step through bikes.

Your ratcheting hook might not be able to go down low enough to secure it in place. That's not a problem. Just go ahead and put your top tube adapter here in place from Swagman. You can get it ratcheted down. You're good to go.Overall, it's a great solution if you have a bike that you need to get on your bike rack that's just not fitting properly. I do like it more than some of the other styles that have the baldy tents 00:00:03:39 along the way, just because those have set holes that you have to go in and that limits you in terms of the positioning. And this one is infinitely adjustable between that 19 and 26 inches, so you can get it to fit your bike just right. I also like the way the gates open on this one and that they open out. A lot of the other ones, the gates open up and they can actually come in contact with your bike and it just makes it difficult to finagle it out of the way. Whereas, this one's super easy. That completes our look at Swagman's deluxe adapter bar.

Mike M.


I believe according to the instructions on the box the smaller end goes under the seat and the larger under the handlebars

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


I haven't seen the instructions but I'm not doubting you're correct. Since this piece will be effective either way I wouldn't get too hung up on which side the larger hook is on if you notice it is wrong after you get the bike loaded.

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