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Surco Van and RV Ladder Rack Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Surco Van and RV Ladder Rack Bike Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Surco ladder mounted bike rack. This is designed to mount on any RV, motorhome or van that has a ladder with a one inch tube on it. The part number is SP501BR. The lightweight heavy gauge aluminum construction is durable and rustproof. They have a bright dipped polished finish on it to protect it from the elements. As you can see, the rack's going to have a two bike capacity, has got nice rubber cushion cradles and flexible rubber straps that are going to securely hold our bike. Also, as you can see, the cradles are designed so they'll slide up and down the length of the cradle arm. This is going to help us to adjust for different styles of bike.

Each half of the rack is designed to fit onto the down tube of the ladder. The spread of the bars is going to be determined by the width of the ladder. Our arms will pivot, as you can see, out of the way on both sides. We'll reinsert the pin to hold them in their new position. As you can see this is going to give us the access we need to get right past the rack and use our ladder. Now that we've gone over some of the special features of the rack I'm going to show you how to load up the bike. First step's going to be to undo the cradle straps.

Then we'll grab our bike, we'll place it right up into our cradles. We want the cradles to rest right here on the seat down tube and we'll want the tires to be facing towards the middle of our RV. This will give us the minimum amount of overhang this way which might accidentally block our mirror or something like that. With it in the proper position we'll bring our cradle straps around, pull them tight and get them connected. As easy as that we've got our bike loaded up. Now that we've got our first bike loaded we're going to load up our second. Of course, we'll first undo our cradle straps. We can then grab our bike and we'll position it on there the same way. The down tube is going be our connection point that sits on our cradles and we'll have our bike or the wheels facing towards the inside of the RV there.

Position our cradles where we want them. We'll bring our straps around and make the connection there as well. With our two bikes loaded up we're going to take our provided strap, we'll run it around the ladder, both bikes and then through itself. This is going to give us just a little bit of extra security and keep our bikes from moving around as we're heading down the road. Something else that is available is a ten foot long cable lock that makes it very easy to secure these and lock the bikes to your ladder preventing any theft. That part number is CAB-10. It is sold separately.

You can check it out on our website. The bike rack's going to offer us a 75 pound weight capacity. It's made completely in the United States and offers a 90 day warranty. Keep in mind, you may have difficulty installing the dual suspension bike with the alternative frame on the rack, either because they may not have a straight seat tube, or maybe the seat tube may be too short. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the rack let me show you how to install it. With the front of our clamp sitting at the front portion of our ladder we'll bring the rear portion of our clamp, place one of the Allen bolts through it and we'll tighten that down just loosely for now. We'll place our second one in here at the other side and then we'll tighten them down from side to side equally until we have them nice and snug. With both of those tight it's as easy as that to have the rack installed onto your RV, your van or your motorhome. That's going to complete today's look at the Surco ladder mounted bike rack part number SP501BR. .

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