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Superwinch Terra Series ATV Winch Review

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Review of the Superwinch Terra Series ATV Winch

All right. Today we are going to review part number SW1145220 from Superwinch. This is a Terra Series winch for ATVs rated for 4,500 pounds. A few notes about our winch here is that we already have it installed on a UTV. This is a 2014 Polaris Crew 570. All right a few things to know about this winch. It's designed for heavy duty recreation and work duty applications.

Now this winch is powered by a 1.6 horsepower permanent magnum motor. Also comes with a rubber hand-held remote with a 10-foot long cord. It allows you to operate the winch from a safe distance. This also has a rocker switch that allows you to operate the winch from the ATV. It also has a freespool clutch as well.

This winch has a stainless steel 4-way roller fairlead. This will protect the wire rope from damage when it's pulled at different angles. The wire rope it uses is 1/4-inch diameter and is 55 feet long. For braking this has automatic 100% load-holding mechanical and dynamic brake. We'll go ahead and put our UTV on the side of a hill, and we'll use the winch to help pull it up. Now we're going to pull off a tree, and to do that we're going to use part number 09506, the tree tow strap from Ericsson.

We'll take the tree strap and wrap it around a tree. We'll take one looped in and push it through the other looped in. Then to connect to our cable, we're going to use a D-ring. Part number B4292100. You'll take the open end of the tree strap.

We'll go ahead and run the D-ring through it. Then we'll thread the pin back into place. Now back to our winch. We'll go ahead and turn the handle which is on the very end of the motor. It's easy to grab. We'll just take it and turn it and put it into freespool. Then we go ahead and pull out our cable up to our tree. So we'll take our hook from the cable and hook it up to the pin on the D-ring. Put the pin back through it and screw it down. All right, now we'll go back to our winch and take it out of freespool. And then we can go ahead and use it. First off, we'll use the rocker switch. We'll go ahead and push the in button to pull in the cable and drag us up the hill. Then we can push the out button and lower us down the hill. If we're in a situation where we need to be out of the UTV, we can go ahead and use the remote control. So we'll take the remote and we'll plug it into it. We can stand back up to 10 feet away. Then we can go ahead and operate our winch. Once again we'll go ahead and push the in button. Drag our UTV up the hill. And then our out button to lower it down the hill. When we're done with winching, we'll go ahead and collect our D-ring and our tree strap. We'll go ahead and put some tension on the cable. Then we'll hold the cable and guide it in as we use the remote to power it. And with that they'll finish it for a review of part number Sw1145220, the Superwinch Terra Series ATV winch. .

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