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TorkLift SuperHitch Trailer Hitch SuperTruss Hitch Extension Review

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Review of the TorkLift SuperHitch Trailer Hitch SuperTruss Hitch Extension

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Torklift line of supertruss pitch extension for super hitch trailer hitch receivers. These are available in a wide variety of lengths, anywhere from 21, all the way up to 60 inches. Now the supertruss extended is going to be the perfect solution when we have something such as this. We've got an in bed camper, and really it eliminates the use of the receiver hitch that comes on the vehicle. What we're able to do with that supertruss is get our receiver tube now out here past the end of whatever we've got in the bed of our truck, and it has towing capability. It's not like ordinary extenders, where they reduce your hitches capacity so much that kind of renders them useless for any kind of towing applications.You've got a two bar set up.

So this is for use only with super hitches. That's something you want to keep in mind. You can see we've got our upper tube here that uses our factory location here. It's going to be different on your application. Some of the hitches you'll have on the super hitch will have two receiver tube openings, and you'll take off your factory hitch.

So we've got a few options there and then we've got our support bar that's going to run underneath. So that basically ties both of these together and gives us excellent support for our upper arm here to provide side to side stability.You can see we've got our chain and turn set setup. When tightened down this gives excellent stability. You can see it really moving these side to side. The only thing moving is tire lean on the truck.

It's going to give us a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening here. So we can put a ball Mount in there. You can put a cargo carrier just about anything you want in there. And it's not going to move side to side. We're not going to have to worry about feeling that side to side motion in inside our truck while we're traveling.And you see there's also a wiring bracket.

Now this can be mounted above our plate here. It can be mounted below. It can be mounted further out to the side. Really you've got about four different positions you can mount it in. Whatever's going to work out best for your application. You'll see here, a five inch diameter hitch pin hole. That's extremely common in size. You'll be able to find tons of different accessories for it. Whether you want me to use just a regular pin and clip, maybe a locking hitch pin or even an anti-rattle device. As you can see here, there's plenty of room around that to make that happen. Now, one thing you'll notice our step kind of comes down right here. I just want to note that this campers in the bed a little bit crooked. Generally the back of this camper, this is the center of it, it should be right over the top of our step. So just keep that in mind. The truss is an angle. That's actually the camper in the bed.Now, depending on the amount of overhang you have off the back of your truck, that's kind of going to determine the length of supertruss that you need. As we said before, these go from 21 incrementally up to 60 inches. So there should be one out there that's going to fit your application. Now the weight ratings vary on each of those. So you wanted to go by either the lower of whatever your supertruss is rated for, whatever your hitch is rated for or whatever your truck is rated for. Just to be safe.Now, all in all, this is a nice heavy duty sturdy steel construction product. It has the black powder coat finish all the way over it. And you can see, it's kind of got like a little bit of a hammered finish to it to give it a really nice look, reinforcement collar around the end here, kind of finishes that all off. The hitch pin hole you can see that's has a hardened gusset there. So we're not going to have to worry about the long engaging of this pin hole as we're going down the road. And we have safety chain connection points right here. These are elongated as well, kind of a little bit longer here. That's going to help out even with those largest safety chains. They should be able to connect in there without any real issue.Now, the supertruss system really gets excellent reviews all the way around the board. It's kind of like Don S. said, "If you're towing behind a truck camper, this is the only way to go. My wife and I we're T-boned a few years back by a box truck running a red light at highway speed. The truck, camper and trailer we're totaled. The supertruss suffered no damage whatsoever. It took a while for us to recover, but here I am buying another extension for me it's the only one."So all in all with the supertruss, Torklift has come up with the perfect solution for all the problems we typically get with these extenders. This allows us to get our in-bed camper, our ATV, UTV boat, whatever it is that we might have that we want to bring along with us to our destination pretty safely and easily. And that's going to complete our look at Torklift's line of the supertruss hitch extensions.

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