Superchips Performance Chip Review

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Review of the Superchips Performance Chip

Today we are going to review the Superchips VIVID LINQ Performance Tuner System. Part Number SU128650. This system is designed for GM gas motor applications, but there are other applications available for different makes and different motor configurations.First we are going to go over everything that comes with the package. There is the VIVID LINQ box itself which will plug into our OVD2 port on our vehicle. This box is what will establish a connection between our Android powered device in the vehicle computer. There is also a pair of USB cables so you can connect the device to your computer to update the software on the VIVID LINQ box.

There are charger adapters, both for 110-volt home outlets, as well as a 12-volt car outlet. There is a package of zip ties and adhesive hook and loop strips for attaching the VIVID LINQ System to the vehicle if you are going to leave it mounted. There is also a suction mount that will mount it to your windshield and it will hold your Android powered device and show you the live gauges connected to the vehicle. Also in the package are some adhesive Superchips badges and the user guide.Before we can install our VIVID LINQ System, we need to connect it first to our PC to check if there are any software updates. For more information, visit Superchips website at

We already have our VIVID LINQ updated and ready to go for our vehicle.Next, we are ready to plug it in to the OVD2 port underneath the dash on the drivers side. Once we have the VIVID LINQ plugged in and powered up, we will grab our Android powered device, we will download Superchips VIVID Application from the Google Play Store and then we will be ready to connect our device.When you start tuning you also want to make sure that the phone is plugged into a power source so you do not lose power while riding the tune. When the VIVID LINQ has power, the red power indicated LED will blink. When it has established a Bluetooth connection with your android device, there will be a blue LED indicator that will also flash letting you know that it is connected currently to your device. If you are going to use your VIVID LINQ in conjunction with the gauge system on your Android powered device, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and find some way to secure or mount the VIVID LINQ to the vehicle.

We are going to feed ours up and over the emergency brake release. We are going to take our hook and loop strips, cut them in half, and use them to secure the VIVID LINQ box to our air conditioning ducts underneath the dash. That way, we can quickly and easily access the box if we need to take if off of the vehicle, but it is also tucked up and out of the way so we can leave it installed.To pair your android device with the VIVID LINQ you will need to go to the Settings Menu, the Wireless and Networks Menu and finally select your Bluetooth network. Make sure to turn it on, and make sure that you pair with the device. The default Passcode to pair with the Superchips device is 1234.Now that we have our android device successfully paired with out VIVID LINQ, we can go ahead and begin the tuning process.

We will select the Tuning Menu from the home screen of our VIVID LINQ application. Today we are going to use our 87 Octane Performance tune so we will click on the 87 Octane tune and now the screen will prompt us whether or not we want to do a quick install or an advanced install. The quick install simply uses the preloaded tune and does not change anything outside of those parameters. When you go to the advanced option, it is going to give us opportunity to manually change some of the parameters that we want to specify. You can specify things like axel ratio, shift points for different gear shifts and tire size. We have Aftermarket wheels and tires on this truck that come up to about 32-3/4 inches so we are going to specify on our tire size what we have so that our speedometer reads properly. Once you have adjusted all of the parameters you would like to set yourself, we will go ahead and click the Program button in the upper right hand corner of the screen and the VIVID LINQ will begin riding the tune file to our trucks ECU. Just follow the prompts on the screen as the VIVID LINQ program is run and before you know it, your vehicle has a fresh tune on it.Now we will go over some other features of the VIVID LINQ System. With the VIVID LINQ System we can check DTCs or diagnostic trouble codes. DTCs are codes the vehicles computer will throw to let you know if there is anything wrong with the vehicle. Using the VIVID LINQ System we can check these codes and figure out what they are. The maintenance minder allows us to track maintenance items on our vehicle like oil changes, transmission fluid changes and other regular maintenance items. You do not have to worry about paperwork or keeping track of anything; it is all done in the application itself on your phone.The DAQ system features four different screens that host different gauges that provide information about various systems within your vehicle. You can set up multiple gauges on your screen and save them in your preferences. You can use things like speed, engine coolant temperature, engine RMP among others, to help give you instant information on what your vehicles engine is doing.Another sub-system with the VIVID LINQ is the inclinometer. It uses the accelerometer inside the device to help tell you the pitch and roll of your vehicle. This can come in very handy with off road guys when trying to navigate trails.Finally, the One Touch Feature allows you to quickly revert to the previously tune installed whether you are flashing back to stock before you take the vehicle in for service, or after service flashing back to the last installed performance tune.That is it for our installation and demonstration of the Superchips VIVID LINQ Performance Tuner, Part Number SU128650.

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