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Stromberg Carlson RV Jack Pads Review

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Review of the Stromberg Carlson RV Jack Pads

Hey everybody, how's it going Today, we're going to be going over and showing you how to install the Stromberg Carlson RV Jack pads. So our RV Jack pads have a couple of different uses. One of the more common ones that we see is that they basically are going to help our Jack feet from sinking into the ground. So a lot of the leveling systems or the landing gear on our trailers here, they use these small diameter metal pads, which they work fine. There's not usually too many issues with them, except when we're at a campground and we're trying to level our trailer on soft ground. And I'm sure if you've done this before, you know that those small metal pads sink into the ground there making it harder to level your trailer and things being much more unstable.

Now the larger surface areas that these pads provide are definitely going to help get rid of that issue. Cause I mean, let's face it. Not every campground is going to have a nice concrete pad for us to set our trailer on. Most of these are going to be grass and dirt. And if it rained the night before, it's going to make things that much more difficult.

But with these pads here, we're definitely going to help with that issue. So we're not sinking in as much. Overall it's going to improve the stability of our trailer and help us level it. So in addition to the larger surface area, another thing that these Jack pads do is they actually add some height to our system. So these pads here are about two inches thick.

Therefore if you find yourself to be using leveling blocks at the campgrounds, it's going to replace those as well. So the leveling blocks, the main thing that I don't really like about those is is that we have to have several of them. We have to store them in the trailer and we're constantly stacking them, trying to get them right, or trying to put the correct number of blocks in there to get everything level. With our RV pad here, it's going to be permanently attached to our foot there. We don't have to worry about it, storing it inside the trailer or stacking multiples together.

That's going to help us get our trailer level much quicker. So another application for our pads here, something they're doing, you may not be aware of is that they're actually protecting the foot here of our landing gear system. So we have a nice thick, durable metal pad around here. Therefore, we're not going to have to worry about as many issues with the seat bending, getting roughed up, rusting and corroding over time because I mean, let's face it. These things are on the ground. They're going to be sitting on rocks are going to be getting scratched possibly bit. So the nice increased rubber here inside our foot. It's going to do a great job of protecting those so we don't have to replace them. So you can see that we have these pads installed on a nice concrete surface. So something else that we've noticed when we're using these is now we have a lot of trailers in our parking lot here at etrailer. And some of them, when they've been sitting for a long time, they can actually damage the concrete underneath because it's metal on that concrete. There's any rocks under there. Again, you could risk damaging the pads here or the concrete underneath. So if you have a nice driveway that you store your trailer on adding these pads here are going to ensure that you don't have any damage to your driveway. So if we look at the rear of the pad here, I'm sure you're asking why we don't have a lit back here like we do around the rest of it. Well, the reason for this is simple. Water can definitely get up in here and if it sits for a long time, it could eventually cause rust and corrosion issues with our Jack feet. However, we have these little built-in drainage channels. Here's the one at the bottom. Therefore, any water that does get trapped in here is going to easily be able to drain out the back. So we don't have to worry about any rust and corrosion issues. So another thing you're going to notice here with your Jack pads is an improvement in the stability of your trailer. And the reason for this is simple. We're adding a protective cushion between the bottom of the feet on our trailer, in the ground. Therefore we're going to have some additional shock absorption, making sure everything in the trailer, stays nice and steady. So in regards to compatibility, there's several different jack feet on the market here. Not all of them are in the same shape, nor are they the same size. Luckily here there's several different options to accommodate those different Jack feet. In order to determine compatibility, you simply need to measure the diameter of your foot pad here and note the shape. So this is a circular foot pad here that has a nine inch diameter. Therefore we're using the corresponding pants for this, but again, there are plenty of other options depending on what we have on our trailer. So our Stromberg Carlson RV Jack pads, aren't the only option on the market. There are some others to choose from, such as, the snap pads that we see here. Now I've fortunately got a chance to install these and play with them a bit and they are a pretty great option. However, one major difference I see between the Stromberg Carlson and these here is the actual construction or the durability of the product. So the Stromberg-Carlson ones are made of a much heavier, thicker duty rubber. So the snap pads they're made of sort of a similar material, but it's definitely not as thick and durable as the Stromberg Carlson ones. Now I had the same issue when I put these on, but you can actually see some of the material broke away trying to install these on the landing gear feet. So this can actually cause the pads to fall off over time. Luckily we still have enough surface area here to hold it on, but if we take a closer look inside here, you can see where some of that rubber tore away during installation. And this happened a few different times installing these per the manufacturer's installation instructions. So overall I would say the Stromberg Carlson option is going to be much more durable and a little bit easier to install. So in regards to installation, I'll admit just looking over these and looking at the trailer. I thought it was going to fight quite a bit, getting these on because we have this nice tight, rubber pad that goes around our Jack foot. But honestly, after installing these, it was pretty quick and I didn't fight with it near as much as I thought I was going to have to. It's a simple one-time installation that should only take us a couple minutes per side. So the first step of our installation, we need to find a relatively flat surface. So both our truck and trailer can remain level. We can go ahead and couple up our truck there, and then we're going to be retracting the front legs on our landing gear here. So we have ours retracted and then we actually have an adjustable inter leg here. So we're going to pull this pin, raise it up a little bit to give ourselves some more room to work. So once we're in position, we're ready to install our pad here. Now, before we do this, what I recommend is cleaning out the landing gear foot here that you already have some soap and water. And if there's any nicks or scratches on there where there's bare metal, I would go ahead and take some primer or some spray paint, just touch those up. So the metal is nice and protected, but once we've done that, assuming if we do have to use some spray paint, make sure you let it dry, but then we're ready to install our little pad here. So we're going to start by sliding our pad over our foot. Granted these few steps here could vary depending on the shape of your landing gear feet, but we're just going to try to get as much as we can inside the little lip around there. Once we get that a little bit in, I'm actually going to use my leg underneath to brace it, but we're going to take a long Flatheaded screwdriver. And basically what we're doing is we're going to be shoving the screwdriver between the lip here on her pad and underneath the metal foot there, just like so, and then we're going to be prying out and that's basically just forcing the lip over the pad here. We're just going to take our time, work our way around the pad until it's seating properly inside. And there we have it. You can see it's seated in there properly. It's not going to go anywhere and we'll just simply repeat that same process for our other foot. And that's going to do it today for our look and installation of the Stromberg Carlson RV jacket pads..

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