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SportRack Tilting 4 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the SportRack Tilting 4 Bike Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the sport rack hitch mounted four bike rack for an inch and a quarter and two inch hitches. Part number SR2404. A sport rack hitch mounted four bike rack has a carrying capacity of four bicycles with a weight capacity of a 180 pounds. It's made of a sturdy seal construction with gray potter code finish that is durable and rust resistant. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now we'll go ahead and show you to install. Now today's vehicle is equipped with a two inch receiver. We have the two inch adapter on our shank.

If we would need to use the inch and a quarter we would simply just pop it off like so. We'll simply slide the shank into the opening of the hitch and then we'll line up the pinhole in our hitch with the pinhole and the shank of our bike rack. Then thread the anti inaudible 00:00:53 bolt in and then tighten it down using a wrench. You can see the anti inaudible 00:01:00 bolt does keep everything nice and snug inside the hitch, so there's not going to be any wobble. Now that it's secured we'll then go ahead and slide the clip on the other side. Then we'll go ahead and pull out the black pin at the top of the mast.

This is going to allow us to swing our cradle arms out. Just go ahead and reinstall the pin to keep the arms in this position. This sport rack, bike rack can tilt down by pulling this black pin here and allowing the rack to tilt down. This is a great feature as it allows you to access the rear hatch of your SUV or Hatchback. The cradle straps are also made of a nice soft rubber, so when they're around the bike frame it's not going to cause any scratches or abrasions. Now if you can see these grooves on the inside of the cradle, they're designed to have your brake cables and hydraulic lines inside those grooves so they don't get pinched or kinked when you're traveling.

Also equipped with this bike rack is an anti-sway cradle. What this cradle is designed to do is it's going to wrap around the vertical bar of your bike and prevent the bike from swaying back and forth, coming in contact with your other bike or your bike rack itself. The cradles also pivot back and forth to accommodate different bike sizes, and also can go up and down the length of the cradle arms to accommodate different bike widths. Giving you virtually an endless possibility when configuring your bikes. Another great thing about this bike rack is in this position, be the bike loading position, but if you weren't carrying any bikes the arm can fold down to be in a stored position by just pulling the pin at the top and then folding it down. What this is going to do is if you're pulling into your garage it's going to reduce the length added to the vehicle. Now we're ready to load up a bike.

We'll fist go ahead and raise the arms in the bike loading position. We'll do that by pulling that pin and then reinstalling it to secure the arms in place. Then what we'll do is we'll simply just undo the cradle straps and then we'll just place the frame of our bike into the cradles. Then we'll simply just bring the rubber cradle straps around to secure the bike to the bike rack. Then we'll just repeat the same steps for the other side. Then we'll just finally secure it by swinging the anti-sway strap around and securing it. Now with all our bikes secured we'll go ahead use the included safety strap to wrap around the very last bike and through the frames and then secure it back at the top of the mast. You can see when I tighten it the last bike will sink in tightly towards the other bikes. It's going to help just to create a really, really nice hold. Then we'll just go ahead and secure the excess strap. Now with all of our bikes secure we'll go ahead and take the rack out on our test track to show you how it performs. That will complete today's review of the sport rack hitch mounted four bike rack, part number Sr2404. .

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