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SportRack Roof Cargo Carrier Review - 2003 Honda Pilot

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Review of the SportRack Roof Cargo Carrier on a 2003 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2003 Honda Pilot, we're going to be doing a test fit of the SportRack Vista, rooftop mounted cargo basket, part number SR9035. This cargo basket is going to be 44 inches long, 39 1/8 inches wide, 6 inches deep and with its sturdy steel construction, it's going to have a 110 pound weight capacity. Note that there is a 22 inch extension available and that's going to be part number SR9036. If you'd like the whole rack with the extension included, that's going to be part number SR9035-9036. All right. As you can see up here on top of our aero type bars that we already have three of the feet installed. We're going to show you how to place on this last foot since they all install the same way.

You can see that there's going to be a spacer in between the basket and your crossbars. This basket is going to be usable with your square bars, your round bars, your factory roof rails, even your aero type bars. Once you have your spacers in place, go ahead and take your U-shaped bolt with that nice protective rubber coating and the two threaded ends. Place that underneath of your roof rail or your crossbar and up into the spacer where you see the two slots. Then take your metal U-bracket with the two holes on either side and place that on top. You can see the thread ins are pulling through then place your threaded wing nuts on each side.

Then we'll just tighten this down. That's all there is to the installation of the foot pads. Now, for your roof baskets, they're going to be great for your cargo control. If you're going on a long vacation or on a camping trip, you could put all your luggage on her, your coolers, your camping gear, any of your other accessories that you like to. If you're an off road enthusiast, you can also put it on your off road lights, your high lift jacks, your shovels, picks or any other items or accessories that you may need. All right. Once we have that nice and tighten down, you can see it's going to be nice and sturdy on the top of your vehicle.

You can see the whole vehicle is moving rather than just the rack. Now you're ready to hit the road with your all new SportRack Vista, roof mounted cargo basket, part number SR9035 on our 2003 Honda Pilot. .

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