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SportRack Platform Style 2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the SportRack Platform Style 2 Bike Rack

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Sport Rack 2-bike carrier for an inch and a quarter and 2 inch hitches in a platform style, part number Sr2901. Now, let's start with the first features, these padded arms here, so it don't damage your bike. They are fully adjustable to accommodate many different sizes of bikes; from kids bikes, to women's bikes, to mountain bikes, road bikes. To adjust it and just simply turn the knob, slides up and down, they both do the same thing. Move either one. Just tighten it back down, keeping still. Another feature of this bike rack is we have this sliding wheel cradles.

Again, simply, simply turn the knob right here. It's fully adjustable. This accommodate up to a maximum of a 58 inch wheel base on your bicycle. Just simply tighten down once you get your location that you needed to be at. Has these hook and loop straps that go around and tighten down, that keeps your wheel in the wheel cradle, so in each of the cradles. One last great features of this is it also has a tilting mass, which will allow you to open your rear hatch and not cause interference.

If you end up here, you hit your hatch. With this bike rack, you can take again the pin, like we did for folding down the arms, pull it out, folds down out of the way. Now, we can completely open our rear hatch. To put it back up, you simply raise it back up in a position, line the pin back up and put the pin back into place. Now, let's go over a couple additional features that this bike rack has. It has a total weight carrying capacity of 90 pounds or 45 pounds per bicycle.

Now, this bike rack only weighs about 30 pounds, which makes it easy for just about anyone to install it or remove it from the vehicle. It is built out of a sturdy, steel construction that is gray powder coated which gives it a very durable and very rust resistant finish. This bike rack also comes with an anti rattle hitch pin, which helps reduce vibration and noise as you're down the road. Now, to start off with, we're going to be installing this in a 2 inch hitch. As you can see here, it's already set up for an inch and a quarter, so we're going to need to install this adapter so it allows it to go into a 2 inch hitch. See there's a hole right here in the middle.

Mine is up on a hole over here, so it just simply slides over, line up the whole and now, we're ready to put a new bike rack into our 2 inch hitch on the vehicle. Now, let's go ahead and put our bike rack into our hitch. Simply slide it in, lining up the hole and use 3/4 inch socket to snug down the ant-rattle bolt. Put our safety pin so if it looses up, it can't fall out. As you can see, it's not moving anywhere. To fold it down, we simply remove these pins here. Take the pin here, turn it so that the small, little knob right here lines up with this opening here to lower the bike carrier or rack down. Put it back in and twist it back. We'll repeat the process on the other side. Now, we're going to go ahead and prepare our bike racks here to put our bikes on. We're going to make sure that the knobs are all loose here on the hooks, pulled all the way up so we can put our bikes on. To undo our hook and loop straps on each of the wheel cradles, we will be installing two bikes, make sure these are undone too so you can adjust to accommodate the wheel spacing. Now, let's go ahead and grab our first bike. Simply lift the bike up, put it in closest to the vehicle first, set it into the wheel cradles. This one here looks pretty close. Now, I'll go ahead and move our center hook here on the upright mass down, just to hold our bike in position while we tighten everything else down. Now, we'll come down here and reattach our hook and loop straps through the wheels, through the end of the bracket here, connect back on to itself, but we'll also go ahead and make sure we tighten on the knob on the wheel cradle so that it doesn't move as we're going on the road. To tighten it, you just simply turn this knob here. Now, we're going to go up to the front here. It's the same process. Now, we'll go ahead and get our rack ready to put our second bike on. We're going to leave this other one a little loose for now, so let me grab our second bike. Make sure our wheel cradles hit the wheels properly, which they do here. Now, we'll go ahead and push down the center hook, securing the bike on. Once we have this one locked in place, we'll go ahead and tighten this knob down here on the hook, holding the bike in place. While we're here, we'll go ahead and get the back knob as well for the back hook. Now, we have the rear bike completely secured to the rack, we just need to put the hook and loop on the front bicycle on both of the wheels. There you have it, our two bikes are loaded. Now, we're ready to go hit the road and go for a test drive. With that, that will conclude our review for the Sport Rack 2-bike carrier for an inch and a quarter and 2 inch hitches in a platform style, part number SR2901. .

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