SportRack J-Stacker Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the SportRack J-Stacker Kayak Carrier

Today we are going to take a look at the SportRack J-Stacker kayak carrier, part number ABR511. The SportRack J-Stacker is a roof mounted kayak carrier covered by a 3 year limited warranty. The quick on/off hardware allows for rapid installation or removal on your vehicles roof rack. The J-Stacker will fit square load bars, round cross bars, and most OEM crossbars. Included with the J-Stacker kayak carrier are two cam buckle straps to secure the kayak to the rack, as well as a pair of bow/stern ropes to attach the the bow and stern of your kayak to your vehicle. :38

The J-Stacker is designed around a J-shaped tubular frame. On the back and front edges of the J-Stacker are heavy foam rubber pads. At the bottom of the J-stacker, is a heavy rubber pad that protects our kayak from the brackets underneath. On the underside of the J-Stacker we see the mounting hardware. The mounting hardware consists of two carriage bolts, a bracket, and two wing nuts. On one end of the bracket there is a slot cut out so we can quickly and easily swing the bracket out of the way and remove the system from our vehicle. 1:17

Once you have the rack set up on your vehicle the first time, you can leave this wing nut alone and just remove the front one to swing out the bracket. That way you do not have to readjust when you go to install the rack back on your vehicle. Thanks to the use of the wing nuts, we will not need any tools to install the J-Stacker on our roof rack. We will position our J-Stacker on the roof of our crossbar and swing our bracket underneath, back onto the bolt. Once we have the bracket over both bolts, we will go ahead and start tightening down the wing nuts. Once we have both wing nuts tightened, and our rack is secure, we are ready to repeat the same process to install the J-Stacker on the rear crossbar. 1:58

With our J-Stackers installed, we are going to go ahead and pre-install our cam straps so they are in place when we are ready to load our kayak. To get our cam buckle straps in place, all we have to do is thread it through the loop at the top of our J-Stacker. Once we have done this, we will set our straps to the side and lift them around the kayak once we get it loaded. Now we are ready to lift our kayak and set it up on the J-Stacker. Once our kayak is in place, we will lift our strap around the kayak and feed it through the side rail on our vehicle and strap it down tight. We will take the excess strap and wrap it back around. We will repeat the same procedure for the cam strap on the other side of the kayak. With our cam buckle straps tightened down, our kayak is secure, and we are ready to hit the road. That does it for the SportRack J-Stacker kayak carrier, part number ABR511.

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