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SportRack Bike Frame Adapter Bar Review

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Review of the SportRack Bike Frame Adapter Bar

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the SportRack Bike Frame Adapter Bar for women's, children's, and alternative frame bikes, part number SR0500. It's made of a sturdy steel construction with a black powder coat finish that is durable and wash-resistant and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The SportRack Bike Frame Adapter Bar is basically designed to keep the wheels of your bike level. The benefit of keeping the wheels of your bike level is that it gives you more ground clearance. For example, if your sits kind of lower and you have a really tall bike or you have 29 inch bike tires, you want those tires to be as high up off the ground as possible, and if you have a slanted frame or an alternative frame to where it's going to make the back tire or the front tire sit a little bit lower, that's going to have the chance of maybe hitting the ground or hit the curve or anything like that if you're going over it. This bike frame adapter bar is going to create a level plane, for example, we have this women's bike here. You can see it's really slanted, so when we install it, the front wheel will be sitting way low. Using this bike adapter bar is going to create a level plane for us to secure to our bike rack, which is again going to help us keep the bike tires level giving us as much ground clearance as possible. Now, how we would do this is basically we will just push in this little button here and it's just going to allow us to flip this part up.

Now, the bike adapter bar does telescope from about 15 inches through about 22 inches, and we need to extend all the way out to about 22 inches, there is this little locking button here to help lock it in place. The benefit of this being able to telescope is that's just going to be able to accommodate different spreads here from the handle bars all the way back to the seat post. Basically, with both of the ends out, we would just simply put this around the handle bar posts, as well as the seat post. Now, both of the hooks that go around both parts of the bike are coated in a nice rubber paint, so if you have any sensitive materials, inaudible 00:01:50 fiber or anything like that, it's not going to mess up the surface of the bike. Now, with the lock in position like that, you can see that we have this nice level plane here, and now, we'll go ahead and show you how it looks on a bike rack. Now, this bike frame adapter bar does work for dual arm or single arm style bike racks. Now we got it in place, you can see that both the front and back tires are pretty much level, giving us as much ground clearance as possible.

Now that we have our bike loaded up, we'll just go ahead and take it out on a test course to show you how it perform, and with that, that'll complete today's review of the SportRack Bike Frame Adapter Bar for women's, children's, and alternative frame bikes, part number SR0500. .

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