SPG Realtree Outfitters Windshield Shade Review

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Review of the SPG Realtree Outfitters Windshield Shade

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Realtree Outfitters Windshield Shade, part number SPGRWS1002. Now, before we install our sunshade, we've had our vehicle sitting out here in the sun for awhile, so let's take a temperature to see how hot it is up on the dash. Here, if we take a temperature of the center of the dash here, we're close to 190 degrees. We can see that right up top of the steering wheel here, it's about 162 degrees. Now, we'll put the sunshade in and let it sit for awhile and then we'll come back and see what our temperatures are then. Let's show you how easy this is to install. Spread it out across our windshield here. We'll just tuck that into the very bottom edge of our windshield, pull our driver side sun visor down to help hold that there.

Then, we can put the rest of our passenger side up into place and then hold that in with that sun visor. Now, with the sunshade installed, let's take those same temperature measurements on the dash and the steering wheel. Now if we measure the temperature on the center of the dash, looking right about 126 degrees. We come back to the steering wheel here, looking right about 116 degrees. As we can see, that's significantly cooler, and then when we get in when we grab the steering wheel, it won't be nearly as hot to the touch. As you can see, we've got really good coverage. It goes all the way along the bottom edge of the windshield there, and it covers really well up the side here as well all the way across the top, so there really isn't much of anything that isn't blocked with this sunshade. It features a really nice camo design that's going to be very attractive for all of you outdoor enthusiasts.

Does a very good of blocking the UV rays because not only does it have this silver reflective material on the back side and the camo out on the outside, but in between it's got a nice bubble layer that's also going to help to protect against those UV rays. Why that's important is because that can help prevent discoloration of your dash and seats from the sun, and it can also help prevent from that heat causing cracks in your dash. With this being just a little bit taller than some of them, it's not really going to come out from underneath your sun visor, and then also with how tightly it fits around the rear view mirror, it also helps to hold it in place because it comes up over the sides of the rear view mirror. With the sunshade fully open, 59 inches wide by 27 inches tall, and these measurements are going to help give you a good idea as to whether this will fit your windshield or not. On this, when you're ready to take it out, unlike on other visors like the pop-up sunshades, when you take it out it very easily folds up, and then with the elastic straps on either side, you just put them around and then you're ready to store it away. That's going to complete our look at the Realtree Outfitters Windshield Shade, part number SPGRWS1002.

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