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Softride Tailgate Pad Review

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Review of the Softride Tailgate Pad

Today we are going to take a look at the soft ride tailgate pad, part number SR26461. It is going to fit your compact and midsize trucks, but it is also available for full size trucks. That is going to be part number SR26457. The soft ride tailgate pad is the safe and easy way to transport your bikes, your water crafts, or any other elongated items without damaging your tailgate. It features heavy duty cushion vinyl which is going to provide excellent padding for your tailgate when hauling loads. It has nine loops on the top portion of our pad with reinforced stitching so we can anchor down our gear.

It also includes six soft straps so we can do so. We will just put that through the loops and then tighten that down and we've got it. When using the soft ride tailgate pad, you still have access to your tailgate latch so you can drop it down. This flap here with hook and look simply covers that. Just lift it up and we can still lower it down without it interfering at all. Now what we've got are some features we are going to go ahead and show you to get it installed.

Our software logo is going to face out. Let's go ahead and find our cinch strap line which is going to be right here. This is what is going to sit on top of our tailgate. Let's go ahead and fold that out and place it on just like that. Now lets run our straps through.

Then from here we can go ahead and open up our tailgate slightly. Then we will run our straps underneath up into our bed. We will do this to each one of our straps. Pull them all the way up through. Then once we get our straps run through we can go ahead and close up our tailgate.

Then when tightening down our straps, I am going to go ahead and do the two inside ones first and that is going to kind of hold it in place while I do the outside ones. I am just going to pull those all the way up through, run them through the cinch and then back down through. Do the same thing with the other one here. Readjust it a little bit here and pull them nice and tight. Now with our soft ride tailgate pad in place, I've got a bike and a standard paddle board with us here today. Let's go ahead and load those up. We will bring our bike up. We'll set up the rear wheel in the back like that and then we are going to rest the front tire and the fork up against the pad. All right. Now when using your soft ride tailgate pad, you don't necessarily need to strap down your bike because as you can see they are really not going anywhere, but if you are using a water craft you might want to consider strapping that down. That is going to complete look at soft ride tailgate pad, part number SR26461.

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