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Sniff n Stop Chew Breaker Review

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Review of the Sniff n Stop Chew Breaker

Today we'll be taking a look at the Sniff 'n Stop Chew Breaker in the 32 ounce spray bottle, part number V23605. The Sniff 'n Stop Chew Breaker is safe to use on wiring, wood, linens, plastic, and more. It's going to stop chewing, gnawing, and boring from pests such as carpenter bees, rats, mice, squirrels, termites, and many others. It's great for use on the interior or exterior of your RV and camper. It's perfect for places pests like to hide such as inside of your compartments. We'll just give it a little spray. Up here on our battery box, to prevent any gnawing on our wires.

It goes on white, but it's going to dry clear so you won't even notice it's there. Up under your wheel wells is another classic hiding spot for pests. Let's make sure those bees don't come back this year. Switch from spray to stream for those harder to reach spots. It's all natural, so it's safe to use inside too. It gets its power from essential oils like cedar, cinnamon, lemon grass, rosemary, mint and peppermint.

Here on the inside we'll want to protect our wires. We'll also want to protect our plumbing. It's a natural latex that's going to coat whatever you spray it on, and the protection will last for up to a year. It's effective in all weather and any temperature, so be sure and spray some on your trailer while it's in storage. This will help prevent rodents and insects from chewing on your wires and nesting.

Pick some up for your home too. It's great for protecting your fences and screened in areas. That's going to complete our look at the Sniff 'n Stop Chew Breaker, part number V23605.

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