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SnapPad 5th Wheel Camper Round Jack Pads Review

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Review of the SnapPad 5th Wheel Camper Round Jack Pads

Hey everybody. How's it going Today we're going to be going over and showing you how to install the snap pad Jack pads for fifth wheel trailers. So this is what our snap pads look like installed. As you can see here, they're made of a black durable rubber. So essentially what these do is they're going to snap onto the bottom of our landing gear feet. They're going to create a larger surface area.

So if you've ever been at the campground and the ground is a little soggy, a little mushy. Most of your smaller metal feet there are going to dig right into that ground. They're going to sink in there and it's not going to be a good time. Chances are you're going to be nestling with some wooden blocks or some plastic pads there to help stabilize everything, make sure you're not sinking in on one side. We're not going to have any issues using these snap pads here.

They provide a much larger surface area. And due to the material, we're not going to be sinking into the soft ground. So in addition to providing a larger footprint, because of the rubber material, it's actually recycled tires, it's going to provide some cushion or stability improvements as well. So say we have our fifth wheel parked on our driveway here, using these rubber pads it's going to help protect our driveway as well as our feet from any damage. So another benefit of the snap pads is going to be protection from the elements.

So we're not actually directly sitting on the ground. Therefore we're not going to have any issues with our feet getting wet, holding water which will in turn, provide issues with rust and corrosion. Now you can't see it but there's actually going to be a drain in the center of the snap pad at the bottom. So if any water did get over here on top of the foot, it would easily be able to drain out underneath. So in regards to installation, as you will soon see, it is very, very simple.

We're actually going to use the weight of the trailer to push the feet into the snap pads. And we can actually leave the snap pads permanently installed. We don't have to remove these each time during travel. Which is another great added convenience of using these pads here. So the first step for our installation, we need to actually go ahead and measure the foot pad on our landing gear here. So depending on the shape of it, is going to be how we're going to measure. So if you have a circular landing gear pad, we want to measure from the outside edge of the front, to the outside edge of the rear. And that's going to allow us to choose the correct snap pad. So for our particular application, we're going to have a round pad which is nine inches in diameter. So therefore that's the correct snap pad we're going to grab. In order to install them, it's super easy. The first step would be to obviously go ahead and couple to our trailer here. So we can retract the landing gear legs. Then we're going to take a soapy water solution really any sort of lubricant you have, and we're going to spray down nice and good the snap pad here. Just to get it real wet. Make it a lot easier to slide in to the foot. And then we can go ahead and align it underneath. We need to be pretty careful here that we get it directly on the pad, or it's not going to snap into place correctly. So once we get everything aligned, we can go ahead and lower our legs to snap them in place. So there we go. We should have seen them snap into place. This is what it should look like if everything's done correctly. And now that we have the fronts installed, if you have rear landing gear legs as well we'd want to install those using this same method. So if we ever need to remove the snap pads, it's super simple. We can actually just use our foot here. Press on one side, and it should come off pretty easy. And that's going to do it today for our look and installation of the snap pad Jack pads for fifth wheel trailers..

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