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SnapPad Jack Pads Review

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Review of the SnapPad Jack Pads

Hey everyone, Shane here with Today we're gonna be taking a look at camper jack snap pads. Our pads are gonna look like when it's installed, very easy installation, one-time installation. It doesn't have to be removed. I got another one here, just so we can take a closer look at some of the different features that you can't see when your foot plate's inside of here. We have a hole here in the bottom and we have grooves here.

This is to allow water to escape, so we don't corrode our factory foot plate. To get the correct pad, you wanna make sure you measure your plate, or your foot pad, on your jack. And these are gonna be nine inches. These are gonna be constructed out of a durable rubber. They're actually made out of recycled tires so they're not easily damaged at all.

Having that rubber construction, it's really gonna help grip on a lot of different terrains. So, you know, if we compare it to just our factory foot plate, which is a metal design, if we're on a concrete surface and the terrain's unlevel, these particular jacks are designed to lift our trailer up enough so that we're level. But if we take this metal plate and put it on concrete or asphalt surfing, or even rocks, for that matter, it could potentially slide. Having the rubber construction of these pads allows us to grip that surface much better. Now these are also gonna have a much wider base.

So our footplate is actually 10 inches where this is 11 by 11, and it's gonna be two inches tall. Another nice thing about these is if you camp at any locations that have asphalt or concrete pads, they are going to require some kind of pad underneath your metal plate. With these, we don't have to worry about getting boards out, stacking them under there, potentially slipping off of them. These pads, once they're installed, they're gonna stay on. We don't have to do anything else.

Now the pads are gonna come in a variety of different sizes for different size foot plates and different shapes. So here we have our round, which we have installed. They also come in square and also around concave. You'll notice on the concave, it's a little bit different, it's a little bit deeper. On the concave, the edges of the plate kind of roll up. That's why the lip is so high up. So it allows that raised section of the side of the foot plate to grab underneath there so it holds on. To start your installation, all you need to do is take some soapy water and we're gonna spray this edge here. We're gonna take your pad. We're gonna line it up with our jack foot plate, and then we're gonna lower our jack until this pops onto that. Now it may be easier if you had two people, somebody that can work the jack while you have it lined up, 'cause if you need to stop and readjust you can do that. You just wanna make sure you're not underneath of it while the jack is being lowered. Once you get one side on, you're gonna repeat the process for any other jacks you're adding snap pads to. That's gonna do it for a look at camper jack snap pads..

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