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Slime Valve Extenders Review

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Review of the Slime Valve Extenders

Today we're going to be taking a look at these Slime Metal Valve Extenders which come in quantity of 4, part # SLM2045-A. Also available in plastic with a quantity of 4, part # SLM2047-A. This valve extender has this knurled end down here, which is the end that threads over the valve stem. That's there to help you grip it and make sure that you get it nice and tight, all the way down, so that the gasket that's in there can seal properly on top of the valve stem. It's going to extend the length of your valve stem in order to make it easier to air up and check air pressure. In order to operate the valve inside the valve stem itself, when you push down there, it'll push down onto the valve core that's in the stem and release the air. Just like on the standard valve stem that's on the vehicle, this also is threaded so that you can take the cap and thread it on to make sure that it stays covered and that that valve is protected. These valve extenders are going to add a total of 1-1/4" to the length of your valve stems.

That's going to be from where the top of the existing valve stem is, inside of this base here, to the very end. Here we are at the dual rear wheels of this motor home. On the outer dual, we're able to see the valve stem there, but it's difficult to see the valve stem that's on the inner dual wheel. That's where a valve stem extender can come into play. Now we'll put on our valve stem extender. Now it's easier to see and reach the end of that valve stem with the extender in place. Here on the front of the same motor home, it's also a good candidate for these valve extenders.

On this front wheel, with the wheel cover on, you can see that the valve stem is recessed in there and can be difficult to reach. We install the valve extender, and see how much more accessible that is now. That's going to complete our look at the Slime Metal Valve Extenders, part # SLM2045-A.