Valterra SewerSolution Macerator System Review

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Review of the Valterra SewerSolution Macerator System

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Baltera Sewer Solution Macerator system, part number SS01. It comes with a 10' hose. A 10' extension is available with part number 278-SS02, a 15' extension is available with part number SS15, and finally a 25' extension is available with part number SS25. This sewer solution uses a high-velocity jet to pulverize your waste. It features a 3/4" non-kinking hose. The jet is powerful enough to where you can even run the hose uphill.

Here we'll give a closer look of how it works. We'll start with the jet facing down, through our hose. At this point we would then open up our valve on our black water tank and then turn it on. By doing so, our black water tank is going to spill out. The jet is going to pulverize our waste and push it out down to our dump station. Our cap is clear so that we can see when our black water tank is empty.

When it is empty we can then rotate the jet back up and this is going to help flush it out. We can continue to flush it out until we see our water running clear. Another great feature is when you're all done, you can close up your black water tank valve, turn the jet downward, and it's going to clean out your hose for you. It's less expensive than an electric macerating system. It's easy to set up.

We'll go ahead and show you that now. First we'll take off our black water cap, then we'll connect our bayonet fitting. Then we'll need to make sure we have access to a fresh water hose. Now we can hook up the anti siphon. This is going to prevent backflow into our clean water. Then we'll take our ball valve, and screw that in place.

Our ball valve features a quick disconnect. We can then connect it to our macerator until it snaps into place. Our hose will then get run to our dump station and plug in to our sewer adaptor. Our sewer adaptor features a slip fitting, a 3" threaded, a 3-1/2" threaded, and a 4" threaded. This will fit in most home and RV sewers. With our hose run to our dump station, and our fresh water connected, we can then begin emptying out our black water tank. As you can see, it's pulverizing our waste, and pushing it down through our hose. Though it's a smaller diameter hose, the jet pulverizes even the largest waste for a clean, efficient way to empty out your black water tank. Once our black water tank is mostly empty, we can begin flushing it. I'll rotate the jet. The jet is going to help remove any excess waste that has built up in our tank. Once we've let it run for a while, we can then rotate it back down so it further flushes out our tank. Something I like to do is when our black water tank is all flushed and cleaned out, I like to close up the valve, turn it back on, and rotate the jet up and down a few times to help clean out that area in front of the valve. When you're all done, it easily coils up with the included keepers for compact storage. That's going to complete our look at the Baltera Sewer Solution Macerator system, part number SS01.

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