Seasucker Vacuum Cup Mounted Ski And Snowboard Carrier Review

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Review of the Seasucker Vacuum Cup Mounted Ski And Snowboard Carrier

Colin: Hey everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at SeaSucker's ski and snowboard carrier. Now if you haven't heard a lot about SeaSucker, this is basically going to be a unique system that you can mount to virtually any rooftop of any vehicle that you might have and with this system you're going to be able to get up to four snowboards or eight sets of skis loaded up on top of your roof so you can conserve on space on the inside of your vehicle for more passengers or quite frankly you can see it on our sedan right here. We probably can't fit this load in the trunk. Now right away I want to explain why SeaSucker's mounts are very unique compared to a lot of other different carriers.

They're basically designed this so they can eliminate the need for any type of roof rack system.In order to get your ski and snowboard carrier loaded up, we're going to have four vacuum cup mounts that are connected to the bottom of each space of the ski and snowboard carrier and those are going to provide a really nice airtight seal so that you can get your skis and snowboards mounted and they're going to be secure for the ride. Each vacuum cup is going to have a 220 pound pull strength rating, so these are going to be really heavy duty and honestly this is something I was skeptical about at first, but after working with this product and a lot of other SeaSuckers products, I have a lot of confidence that's going to hold up for the ride. Now I have an extra vacuum cup with me. I'll go ahead and show you how it works and this is going to be very different from a standard suction cup.The difference being instead of pushing down like you would with a suction cup and just trying to push the air out, we're going to basically just suck all the air out. With those suction cups, you could leave a little air pocket or a bubble that could potentially have it fail.

With this system, we're going to have a pump cylinder and what's going to happen is it's going to suck all the air out through that little hole. So once I put some pressure down, I'll begin pumping it. You can see how it goes straight down onto my rooftop. And going to keep going until that orange band disappears.So you see it's gone. We've got a really nice hold on our rooftop.

It's very secure and the great thing is it removes just as easy. All we have to do is pull up on these tabs, let some air in, and it comes right up and off. Now just to give you guys a better view, let's go on the inside of our windshield, because you can mount these to any solid surface, whether it's metal, aluminum, or even glass like our windshield is right here, so I have it mounted from the inside. We'll go ahead and start compressing the pump cylinder. You see how it comes up and you can see that seal it's creating around the edges.There we go.

We got it fully secured, you see that thing's not budging at all. We have a really nice airtight seal all the way around the edges of our cup. Here you can see there's a hole right there on the inside circle. That's where the air is actually being sucked out from the inside of our cup and you can see when I release it, you'll see the air go back in so that we can get our vacuum cup off. Now each cup is going to have a really nice thick rubber construction, it'd be very durable. It's going to hold up well to the elements and to a longtime of use. One thing I do want to point out is that these are not designed to sit on your rooftop even when they're not in use, so I highly advise that when you are done with the carrier, go ahead and remove it.You saw how easy it was to remove and just so that it can keep its shape. You saw how it flattens out as it gets on its surface. That could cause the cup to be disformed over a period of time if you leave it on your rooftop, that's what these caps are for. Not only are they going to protect the inside, but it's going to help the cup hold its shape so that it lasts a lot longer. And that's one of the things I really like about these racks because personally I don't like keeping a roof rack on my vehicle when I'm not using it because it's just unnecessary wind noise, unnecessarily fuel efficiency I'm sacrificing. So just being able to take it off when I'm done is a huge bonus. Now onto the carrier itself, we're going to have two really nice rubber pads that are going to be sandwiching down onto our snowboards and skis, creating a really nice and secure fit.You can see it molds to the shapes of our skis and snowboards, you can't really move them at all. So you know they're going to be safe for the trip. And what's nice is that we also have a lock cylinder on each side of the carrier to make sure our skis and snowboards stay secure while they're loaded. We do have an included set of keys. We'll just insert that into the lock cylinder. We'll unlock it. From there we can push the button, going to have to pull down a little bit. Push that button. It comes right up so we can access our skis and snowboards. Now one thing I do want to point out is that while right now our skis and snowboards are locked inside our carrier, the carrier itself is not locked to our vehicle. That is one thing you just do want to think about.If you plan on leaving your carrier and your skis or snowboards unintended. However you probably aren't going to really run into that situation, when you gets the slopes and you unload your skis and snowboards, my best advice is probably just going to be to go and remove it. You saw how easy it was for me to install the vacuum cups and remove them. So just undo all four vacuum cups, stow it inside your vehicle for the best security, and then when you're done, come back out and easy enough to throw the carrier back up, vacuum down those cups and you're going to be good to go.Now we have that some questions from customers about the lock cylinders. They are a little bit weird in that they wanted to make sure that you never forget to lock your skis and snowboards. It is a bit of a hassle, but once you get used to it, it's not really going to be a big deal. I'll show you what I'm talking about. Once we insert our key, unlock it and open up our carrier. We have one side open right now, however, the key cannot be removed unless it's in the locked position. So when we need to go over to the other side of the carrier, lock it up, pull the key out. Now we'll go over to the other side, we'll insert our key, unlock it, and then we can get both sides open.Again, like I said, it is a bit of a hassle, but they did want to make sure that you never forget to lock your skis and snowboards to your carrier. Another thing that's great about this rack is that they do have it sitting pretty high up off of our rooftop. You can see that I have my snowboard right here with the bindings facing down and it does come pretty close to making contact with the roof. That's just because of the vehicle we have it on the curvature of the roof and how it goes, but more times than not, you're going to find that you're going to be able to get your skis and snowboards loaded with the bindings facing down, and that's just going to create more space to get more gear loaded. Now with our skis and snowboards unloaded, we can have a closer look at this nice rubber material.You're not going to have to worry about it harming or scratching the finishes of your skis and snowboards. It's got that really nice padding. It's going to really conform to your skis and snowboards. Go ahead and shove my fingers in there just to show you, you can see that I still have a little bit of mobility in my fingers, but they're pretty secure. Now one thing that's cool is that this can actually double its use for the warmer months. If you're also a fishermen. You could throw your fishing rods up here and that'll make for easy transport so you don't have to worry about breaking them down or anything to carry them inside your car.Now just to give you guys some dimensions, so you can figure out what it's going to be right for your application, we'll give you the width of each carrier is going to be 32 inches from outside edge to outside edge of each vacuum cup. The height of each carrier's going to be nine and a half inches and then the depth is going to be six inches for each one. Now like I said, when your skis are unloaded, the best way to keep it secure, go ahead and pop all your vacuum cups off, them we can grab them and stow them in our vehicle until we're ready to use them again.And when you're ready to load your skis and snowboards back up to head home, you just pull them back out, set them in place. You want to try to get them as close to that same spot as you had them mounted before. Once you have them in the correct spot, you do want to double check and make sure that the bottom is a little bit moist. After you install it the first time it should stay pretty moist, but if you find it's not, just take some water. We have some in a spray bottle right here, spray the bottom, it just helps create a better seal. Set it down in the correct spot and then we'll just apply pressure downward and then begin compressing the pump cylinder. Once that orange band is gone, we'll move on to the next one.What's nice is that virtually whatever vehicle you mount it to, you're going to get a really good seal and your platform is going to be straight. You can see how our brackets can pivot back and forth with our vacuum cups attached to make sure that no matter the curvature of the surface, you're going to be able to get that air tight seal. Now what's nice is that when you're ready to load up your skis, the other side has a spring loaded elbow. Basically what's going to happen is once you press that button, it's going to fly open just like that and it's going to hold itself open so it's a lot easier to get your skis and snowboards loaded. It's not going to fall on you while you're loading. Let's get the other one open as well and get our skis and snowboards loaded.Now maybe we'll just go ahead and close up our carriers, lock it up. Now some things I want to highlight that I personally really like about this carrier is that one, I don't need a roof rack system set up to be able to use this carrier. I can get this on my rooftop without worrying about a roof rack and then when I'm all done with it, it comes off very easy. It stores in my vehicle very easy. It doesn't take too much up too much space in the trunk. I could even stow it in my garage and it's not going to take up too much space. Another thing I like is that it's very easy to use it. You saw earlier with the vacuum cups, they have a great hold on it with the pump cylinder. It's very easy to operate and get a tight hold on your rooftop. Now, like I said, you're going to get an extra vacuum cup to go along with the four that are on your carrier.So if anything should happen to one of the four, you've got a spare so you can throw it right on. You don't have to worry about shopping online for another carrier. You're also going to get a little bottle of lubricant right here. You want to use this for the pump cylinder maintenance, but maybe once a year, just get out your lubricant, get all your vacuum cups, pull the pump cylinder out. Just like that. Just put a little bit of lubricant on the end right here. That'll just keep it running smooth for much longer time and you just push it back in like that. Working just like normal. Now, right here we have it installed on our crossover just to show you guys that it's going to fit virtually any vehicle that you might have. And while we do have these raised side rails that will make it easier to put a roof rack on here and thus add a ski and snowboard carrier.I think that this really paints a good picture of the type of person who maybe doesn't like having a roof rack on their vehicle unless they absolutely need it. I know me personally, I don't like having an empty roof rack on there. I just don't see the point to it. So the SeaSucker rack really just helps out with when you get to, need to carry your skis and snowboards, you can just Mount it to the top, get them loaded in and get them to the slopes. And when you get back home, you can take the system off and you don't have to worry about having that empty roof rack on top of your vehicle. Now while earlier I said that this carrier can hold up to four snowboards or eight sets of skis and we talked about earlier how we have a combination up here.You can see we only have three sets of skis and you can do the math. If you only have two snowboards, you should be able to get four sets of skis up there. We don't have a fourth set to be able to show you guys, but what I can do for you is go ahead and rearrange it and show you that there will be space for a fourth set. Now as you can see, we're able to scoot our skis and snowboards over enough and adjust them so we can get a fourth set up here, but you always want to keep in mind that skis and snowboards are different widths, so if you happen to have some boards or some skis that are wider than normal, you may have difficulties trying to get this thing loaded to capacity.Now while this is obvious. I do want to point out that if you have your SeaSucker's carrier mounted to the sunroof or moon roof of your vehicle like we do right here, you do not want to operate that sun or moon roof. That could damage your skis if you have them loaded or it could really cause a lot of damage.Now with the Tesla being a more sedan style trunk, this really wasn't an issue, but when you're going to use a crossover or something that has a hatch, you always want to be mindful of making sure you're going to have access to your trunk area. Luckily with the SeaSucker carrier, it's very adjustable. If you need to, you can scoot it up more in order to gain rear hatch access if you're having some troubles. Really the only time you're probably going to have to worry about that is if you're carrying some cross country skis, which are a lot longer than your standard slope style skis. But again, right here you can see there's not even close to coming in contact with our hatch. Well, thank you all for watching and I hope this information helped you out, but that'll do it for our look at the SeaSucker ski and snowboard carrier.

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