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SeaSucker Roof Rack Review - 2018 Ford Edge

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Review of the SeaSucker Roof Rack on a 2018 Ford Edge

Today on our 2018 Ford Edge we're going to be doing a test fit on the SeaSucker Monkey Bar roof rack system. That's part number 298-SX60000. It uses vacuum cups to adhere itself to your Ford Edge's roof. So that's very unique to this roof rack system. That means you can easily take it off and put it on maybe another vehicle in your household. It'll adhere to glass, like your Edge's roof, metal, must about any roof rack system.

Each vacuum cup has a 210 pound pull strength so you can rest assured it's not going to go anywhere.I've already got the front one in place here. The front one's the one with the two vacuum cups on each side. The rear one's the one with the single vacuum cup on each side. Now, they come with protection cups that go to the bottom when it's not in use. Go ahead and set these aside.

What we want to do is make sure that our roof is clean of any dirt or debris. We also don't want to set it on any seams or any chipped paint.What I'm going to do is go ahead and wet the bottom of the cups. It's recommended that you do this before you set it in place. I've got a little spray bottle here. I'm just going to hit it with some water.

Now, we've got our whole Edge's roof to work with, but we want to set it in place where it's going to work best with our accessories. I'm actually going to set it right around here. I'm going to set it in place. It's a little long. It's completely adjustable.

I'm just going to get this cup set first. Get it about there. I'm going to apply just a little bit of pressure and start depressing that pump cylinder. Now, you'll notice it has a little orange band around it. We want to depress the pump cylinder until that disappears. Just like that. Then, I'm going to take my included tool and I'm going to loosen up this screw here. That's going to allow us to adjust the rail on top. I'm going to head over to the other side.I'm going to move it towards that way, get it set where I want. Now, depending on how you want it set up on your roof, you can either eye it up, use a tape measure, or go along with the seams on the roof to get it kind of lined up, which is what I'm doing. Once it looks pretty good I'm going to depress the pump cylinder again until the orange band disappears. Then I'll take my included Allen wrench and loosen up this side. Then we can adjust that rail overhang. The easiest way to do this is maybe look at the vehicle from the back or the front, or again you can use a tape measure if you'd like. So that looks pretty good. I'm just going to tighten them up.Now, as I said, each vacuum cup has a 210 pound pull strength. With them both installed we'll give it a good shake test here. As you can see, they're not going anywhere. Now, the whole system has 150 pound weight capacity so you want to be sure and check with your Ford Edge's roof to see if it can handle that much weight.Let's go ahead and take some clearance measurements here. The bars are 48 inches long, and they're an inch and a quarter in diameter. So, when choosing those accessories, you want to be sure that whether they're a clamp on, or they have to be a clamp on, that the strap is going to go around that bar and fit. So just keep that in mind. It's about four inches from the top of our Edge's roof to the bottom of the bar, and about five and a quarter inches to the top of the bar. Let me check the back here and make sure it's about the same. It's a little bit different. It's actually about three and a quarter inches from the top of the roof to the underside of the bar, and about four and three quarter inches to the top.With that being said, that's going to complete our test fit of the SeaSucker Monkey Bars, part number 298-SX6000 on our 2018 Ford Edge.