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SeaSucker Roof Rack Review - 2014 Mini Cooper

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Review of the SeaSucker Roof Rack on a 2014 Mini Cooper

Today on our 2014 Mini Cooper we're going to take a look at our SeaSucker Monkey Bar Roof Rack System. Now this would be a good choice for you if you're not wanting to make any permanent modifications, or say even if you have multiple vehicles in the house that you would like to use it with. It doesn't use any special parts for different vehicles. So what you see is what you get and that's everything you're going to need.Now here in a moment I'll show you how to install our system here, but first I'd like to take a minute to kind of touch base on some of the features it has really quick. As you can see, our crossbars are held in place with our vacuum cups here. They're made to have a softer finish to them.

That way they won't damage your vehicle's paint, and they also contour to the shape of a roof. They have 210 pounds of pull strength per cup, so they are very secure to the roof. I'll give you a little shake here to show you that. As you can see, it's moving our whole car. It would take a lot of effort to unintentionally remove our crossbars.Now the rest of the system is made from aluminum, which will make it very lightweight and will keep it protected from the elements.

Our base here is adjustable. There's one screw and what that does, it allows you to move the base inward or outward to accommodate for your vehicle's roof. Our crossbars are four foot long and they're an inch and a quarter in diameter. So that's going to allow us to use most roof-mounted clamp-on-style accessories.Now that we've kind of talked about some of the features here, I'll show you how to get it installed. The first thing you'd want to do is kind of pick out a point where you want to set your crossbar.

Make sure your roof is clean and make sure you're not going to be placing the cups over any paint chips or any seams like this. You just want all paint, that way we get a nice, good seal. So I'll grab out crossbar real quick. So you're going to want to grab your crossbar and some water, and just kind of lightly mist. I'm going to lightly mist our cup here.

That'll help make a good seal. Then just set it on your roof. Like I said earlier, these bases do adjust. So if you need to make an adjustment to fit your roof properly, go ahead and do that. Like I said, it's just a simple bolt, you can slide it in or out, tighten it up.So make sure you're good there. We already have ours adjusted. I'm going to set it up here. There's going to be one measurement to make. What we're going to measure is the center of our front bar to the center of our rear bar. What that will do is make sure our bars are parallel, nice and square, 'cause we don't want to go down the road with our bars crooked. We'll go ahead and do that. Today we're going to be 26 inches apart. Looks like we're spot on there. Make sure we do the other side. All right. We can kind of take a quick glance and make sure we're centered, and it looks like we're pretty good.All you do is simply . I've always found it's a little easier just to put a little bit of pressure, downward pressure here, and we're going to pump this pump here until this orange band disappears. Like that. Hop over to the other side. All right. Go ahead and just give it a little tug to make sure we're in place and we're good to go. Now that we have them installed you're ready to hit the road. I would like to point out that our maximum weight capacity is 150 pounds. You're going to want to check with your Mini's owner's manual here to make sure your roof can support that weight. You do not want to exceed that weight, or damage can occur.So with that being said, that will complete our test fit of our SeaSucker Monkey Bar Roof Rack System on our 2014 Mini Cooper.