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Seaflo Boat Bilge Pump Review

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Review of the Seaflo Boat Bilge Pump

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out this manual bilge pump from SEAFLO. Now, what this does is in case of emergencies, it helps you pump out that water that gets in your boat. Let's say there's electric failure and your normal bilge pump that's wired up on a switch or automatic didn't kick on because, like I said, there's an electrical problem. You're going to have to do this manually and you inaudible 00:00:22 done quick. So this will help you pump out that water and get it out of the boat.We've got it set up on the table, kind of like how you'd set it up on your boat.

We have a board clamped to the top of my table, and then we drilled in screws to keep the bilge pump attached to the board because you're going to want to attach it to the boat. Because if it's not attached while you're trying to use the lever, it's going to move all over. You want it to be nice and attached and out of the way, so that way, in case of that emergency, it's all set up. You can just quickly get to it. And this isn't going to be moving around on you at all.The other part of our setup is we ran the hose to this container, and pretty much pretending that this is the bilge well on your boat, because that's where water's going to collect.

And that's most likely where you're going to need to get that water out of. Another thing is that you can add another hose to this side that goes off the side of your boat, pumping the water out of your boat. We're just going to leave it on the end of our table today just to quickly show you how it works. So I'm going to lift up on this handle here. You can see the rubber diaphragm lifts up and above the surface level.

So it doesn't just get like this much water, it comes up here and fills this completely to push out more water and air.It actually operates very smoothly. I can do it with my thumb and finger. So it's not like it's hard to do. And every time it comes up and down, like I said, it's smooth. It doesn't feel like it's going to get stuck anywhere.

Nothing's going to move out of place and cause it to misfire, which is good because when you need this, you're going to want it to work as quick as possible. And you're going to be more likely to be going as fast as you can to get that water out.We're going to do a real quick test here. It says it can do 5.3 gallons in one minute. I don't know the equation to break that down. So we know the line in here is a gallon. I'm just going to see how long it takes me to pump it out. The first couple of pumps are going to be starting to get the air flow, so those kind of don't count. But Aiden, behind the camera's going to time it, and he's going to tell us what the time is. You ready, Aiden Aiden: Yep. AJ: All right. Say when. Aiden: And go. AJ: I think we're done. Aiden: All right, that's about 28 seconds. AJ: All right, 28 seconds. So it seems like I was a little off on the time. There's a lot of factors that contribute to that, not just me. But it's where the hose placement is. I had to tilt the bucket a little bit just to get that last bit of water in there. That's going to happen in your boat because you've got to move the hose around a little bit just to get that last bit. But that being said, this hose is going to fit in a lot of better places than a bucket would in your boat. You're trying to use a big old five gallon bucket to get that last bit of water out, it's going to be a lot harder than having this hose just dropped in there and a couple pumps and it's gone.Speed aside, the main takeaway is it works. So when you need to use it, it's going to be there and it's going to help you out. You can always rely on the pump and the hose to get that water out of your boat. I think that does it for our look at the SEAFLO manual bilge pump. I hope this helped.

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