Scosche Windshield Heads Up Display Review

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Review of the Scosche Windshield Heads Up Display Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Scosche Windshield Heads-Up Display with a 3-inch bright LED screen. A heads-up display can add another level of safety to your vehicle. It's going to let us know our engine RPM's and our miles per hour without ever having to take our eyes off the road. It's going to display it directly on the windshield. Our heads-up display is going to have a meter that's going to show us our RPM's as well. You'll notice the small zero with the two hash marks next to it.

That's going to be the RPM gauge. If I hit the gas and the RPM's go up, you can watch it go up as the engine starts to speed up. As I let go of the gas and it starts to slow down, the RPM's are going to come down as well.The heads-up display's also going to tell us how fast we're going. It can read in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Obviously since we're stopped, it's reading zero.

But once we start moving, it'll pick up how fast we're going. On the outside of our display, we're going to have an on-off switch and if you leave it in the "on" position, it'll come on and shut off automatically whenever we turn our vehicle on. Next to that, we're going to have this lever that's going to have an "L" and an "R". It's also going to be a button. If we push and hold that button we can go into the menu and change a few things or if we cycle through it'll go through all the different settings for each one of the displays.One of the nice things, if we come to that button and we press it, it will cycle through and now we can see that it's reading 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's going to be our water temperature. If we click it again, it'll tell us the voltage that our battery's putting out. We'll click it one more time and it'll go back to the miles an hour. Did you see the little red icon on the bottom of the display there The one on the very far right is going to be our alarm icon. If we hold the lever all the way to the right, we can see that it turns it off.

The alarm is going to be able to be set for a speed alarm, letting us know if we go over a certain speed that we can set, or an engine RPM that we can set. If we want to turn it off, we just hold that over to the right, turn it back on, let's do the same thing and hold that lever all the way to the right and the icon will reappear.One thing I really like about the display is the fact that it does have a sensor on top. If it's day time like it is now, our display is going to be a little bit brighter so we can see it, but as it gets darker through the day and turns into night time, our display is going to tone down that intensity so it's not so blindingly bright, but we can still clearly see it on our windshield. One thing I do want to mention about our display is that it is designed to work with vehicles that are from 2001 and newer because it is going to plug into the OBD-II diagnostic port. I went ahead and put on this dome, directly onto the windshield. It comes with their display and as you can see, it makes it a lot easier to read. It's going to cut down on some of that double reflection, double vision, blurriness that we get and it's going to reflect it right out the windshield so it's really easy to see real bold colors.Even when I'm driving, I can still clearly see the display, but at the same time it's not so distracting where I can't see through it and see where I'm going. Why not finish up your look with the Scosche Windshield Heads-Up Display.

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