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Saris Mini Mite 4 Bicycle Parking Stand Review

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Review of the Saris Mini Mite 4 Bicycle Parking Stand

Today were going to be going over the Saris Mini Mite bicycle parking stand with a four bike capacity, part number SA6213. The Saris Mini Mite allows you to park up to four bikes. Its double-sided, so you have two bikes in one side and two bikes in the other side. It accommodates a wide variety of tire sizes. The inside dimension is about two and three-quarters of an inch, so it will accommodate most tire sizes up to about two and three-quarters of an inch. Its made of a sturdy steel construction and has a black powder-coat finish to resist rust and corrosion. The bike-stand also folds for compact storageyou can slide it behind a tool box or anything like that in your garage for compact storage and then simply when you need it out, just pull it out, and its ready to go. On the bottom of the bike-stand, you can see are these rubber caps.

These rubber caps is actually whats resting on the ground, so its going to protect any painted surfacesthats not going to make a chip or anything. The Mini Mite bike stand is proudly made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. Now well go ahead and load up some bikes. Well simply just roll the front tire in. Now the bike that we have here is a twenty-nine inch, and you can see that the height of the Mini Mite prevents the tire from going all the way through, but if set correctly, the bike can still set freely. Well go ahead and roll in our other mountain bike with standard twenty-six inch tires.

You can see when inserting it from the front, the front forks and the spokes come in contact with the bars. What were going to do, is we found that its much easier and has a better hold when you insert it into the center parallel bars from the back. Then well go ahead and show you what it looks like with four bikes in the stand. Now as you can see with all of our bikes loaded up, the Saris Mini Mite can accommodate a wide variety of bicycles, such as womens bicycles with smaller-sized tires, road bikes with skinny twenty-six inch tires, mountain bikes with wide twenty-six inch tires, and even childrens bikes with smaller tires. Thatll complete todays review of the Saris Mini Mite bicycle parking stand with a four bike capacity, part number SA6213. .

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