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Saris Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2018 Jayco Redhawk Motorhome

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Review of the Saris Hitch Bike Racks on a 2018 Jayco Redhawk Motorhome

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with Today we're taking a look at the Saris SuperClamp HD here on our 2018 Jayco Redhawk motor home. Now, the SuperClamp is a platform style bike rack, holding the bike in these wheel cradles by the wheels. You've got two wheel hooks, one on either side of the bike here, and that's gonna be holding the bike down into those cradles. Really strong.

The SuperClamp is one of those bike racks that is just really sturdy when it holds the bikes, and it does it all with zero frame contact. That's gonna make it good for our carbon frame bikes and work really well with alternative frame bikes, and with a 60 pound weight capacity per bike, it's even gonna be good for our e-bikes. That's a really awesome thing, especially because this bike rack is motor home approved. You do wanna make sure you pick up a bike rack that is motor home approved, because you have extra shock and vibration back here compared to your typical passenger vehicle, and you wanna make sure that your bike rack's been tested and approved for use in that setting. Now, the SuperClamp does have the ability to tilt away from the vehicle with bikes loaded.

Typically, that's to gain hatch access on a passenger vehicle, but there is a purpose here. If we come to the bottom we can remove our pin and retaining clip. It's a little hard to see down there, but that'll allow us to tilt it down. I'm gonna have two hands on the bike rack here and just push this lever with my foot, tilt it away, and now we have full access to this compartment door back here that we can swing fully open, get out whatever we need without unloading the bike rack or removing it from the hitch. This is also gonna give us a little more room here for our ladder, and depending on the size of your bikes, yours might come out a little bit further and block the ladder a bit more, but even here, there is a bit of clearance.

It would just be easier to access that ladder with the extra room. You can see it just automatically locks back into place. When I tilt it up, and I can replace that pinning cliff at the bottom, and we can move on to removing the bike from the rack. I'm gonna stay down here, because the first thing we wanna do is actually remove these straps from the cradles. These are secondary points of contact, just helping keep it secure, and remove it by pushing in this gray button and lifting the ratcheting strap out.

We'll do that on either side, and then, we can undo the wheel hooks. There's two things there, the hook itself with a gray button to release it there and a gray button on the top for the arm. Repeat that on both sides. And you can see, we get a nice open room to just lift the bike up and away, no center mass or anything that we have to fish the bike around or work around. It's all very open, and then, we just fold it down. We're done. And I always like to replace those straps too. Now, in the tray we actually have integrated cable locks that will lock to the center point, right over here with that key and the two slots there, so we can lock our bikes up to the rack. I'll fold this up here and we can actually get some measurements, starting with our ground clearance. At the back end lowest point, we're gonna be working with 21.5 inches of clearance. Plenty, I think, for your motor home here. We shouldn't have to worry about it too much. Our overall distance added is gonna be 32 inches. So, it does stick out a fair bit, but it also gives us good clearance from our motor, motor home, excuse me, for those really wide handle bars we had earlier. When you have bikes unloaded though, if you want to keep this in your hitch, you can fold it up using that same lever as before. And that's gonna condense it a little bit here. Now, only sticking out 17.5 inches, and it doesn't come too close to the motor home here, so it shouldn't provide any clearance issues. Down, towards the hitch, it is gonna work with our two inch by two inch receiver tube and come with a locking anti-rattle bolt. That anti-rattle bolt is gonna keep it secure in the hitch, and the lock is key to like to the lock up here, so everything's under one system, bikes are locked to the rack and the rack is locked to the motor homes. And overall, the SuperClamp is one of my personal favorites. It's easy to use. It works for your e-bikes, and it's gonna work on your motor home here. Everything's gonna be held in really solid. So, for me, it gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that my bikes are safe going down the road. And I think it fits really well with your Redhawk here. Thanks for watching..

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