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Saris 2 Bike Expansion Accessory Review

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Review of the Saris 2 Bike Expansion Accessory

Today, we're going to be going over the 2-bike expansion accessory for the Saris Cycle-On Pro bike rack part number SA4022. The 2-bike expansion accessory for the Saris Cycle-On Pro gives you all the special features of the Cycle-On Pro 2-bike rack that gives you the ability to carry two extra bikes. We'll first begin by showing you how to install the 2-bike expansion onto our existing Cycle-On Pro, and also installing the running light, which we'll hook into your trailer's wiring. We'll go ahead and load up some bikes and show you how it looks in action. With the Saris Cycle-On 2-bike rack highly secured on our vehicle, what we're going to do is just pop off this plug at the end, and then remove our reflector. Then using the screwdriver, we'll just push down on these tabs and be able to pop this off. Then we'll also inner remove the plugs here behind the end of the bike rack. There's one on the top and on the underside.

Here at the back of the bike rack up closest towards the vehicle, the expansion kit comes with a new end cap, which will need to be replaced with this one right here. You can see this one has a hole in it, which is where the wiring for our break light is going to go into this hole. What we're going to do is starting with the two wires that are pulled apart, the white wire and the brown wire, we're going to insert them through the hole from the back side. It is a tight fit, so I'm just going to use a flat head screwdriver to get the rubber piece in there. Spinning it helps, too. Now, with our wires through, we'll just go ahead and pop off the end cap off the bike rack. I got a flat head screwdriver here.

We're just going to insert it into the crease, pop it off. That popped off. I got my wire on through here, and then I'm going to run it through this tube. This wire is going to run through the tube of our original 2-bike Cycle-On Pro, and that's also going to go through the extension of the Cycle-On Add-on and come out at the very back part of this part of the bike rack. Now, at the back there, we'll just pull out the wire. Then we'll go ahead and replace the cap back at the closest parts of the vehicle.

Now, what we'll need to do with this in place, we need to locate our vehicle's wiring. After we locate our vehicle's wiring, we'll simply plug it in. Then you can see this black little cap here. It's going to actually fit into that hole of the new cap, which we just installed. What's that going to do is that's just going to help create a watertight seal inside. It's going to help protect the wires so they don't get corroded or water on them. With that done, we'll go ahead and place on our expansion.

Now, with these wires sticking out, we're going to ahead and insert it into the expansion. Now the bolt center going through, which secure this black tube, you want to make sure that the wires don't get split on both sides. You want to make sure that they stay on the same side there. This part maybe difficult because you got to push the wire through, and then grab it through the back side. Be careful on the back side of here. There's an aluminum plate. When you're reaching in for the wire, you don't want to slice your finger off. We'll pull it tight. As you can see, the wire will come through. Then we'll simply slide this black tube into the back of our existing bike rack. We'll then go ahead and secure the two pieces together with the existing bolts. Then we'll secure with a nut on the other side. Now bolt pieces assembled, we'll go ahead to fix the rear break light to the two wires here, then pull this cover off. That doesn't matter which inaudible 00:04:48 you put into the contact. Whatever way you put them, it's still going to illuminate the running light. Insert this into here, and push on it. Then this one as well. You can see it lights up nicely. Just want to make sure that they're fully engaged in there, so everything's nice and snug. What you'll do is you'll just push the remaining wire back into the tube, again being careful for this aluminum piece because it is really sharp. Also being careful that your wires don't clip it and expose any of the wire. Now what we'll do is you can see these two grooves here in the back. There's also these grooves here at the back of the light, which we'll be able to slide the light on and then twist it. Just going to lock it in place. Now as you can see, with the running lights on in our vehicle, the rear bulb will illuminate, allowing other drivers to see the rack on the back of your vehicle, protecting you and other drivers. With our 2-bike expansion installed, as well as our light hooked up, we'll go ahead and load up some bikes and show you how it looks in action. That completes today's review of the 2-bike expansion accessory for the Saris Cycle-On Pro bike rack part number SA4022. .

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