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RV Air Round RV Air Conditioner Ducts Air Filters Review

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Review of the RV Air Round RV Air Conditioner Ducts Air Filters

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we're gonna be taking a look at our replacement air filters for your round RV air conditioner ducts right here at etrailer. So these are five and a quarter inch diameter replacement air filter. So you can get two types. You have one and two. This one is good for if you have a cross style air vent.

And the other is if you need a cutout, you have this cutout right on the inside. So whichever style you get, they work the exact same way. They install very quickly. They allow you to filter out pollen, allergens, mold spores, things like that, but also create an insulating feature right inside of your RV air ducts. So we're gonna talk about our different features of this air filter and right afterwards, I'm gonna show you how quick and easy it is to install.

The filter itself is made of a non-woven polyester construction. So remember, this is a single use. This isn't like those foam filters that you can rewash. This is one and done. You also have two different sides.

You have this green side and then you have this white side. Make sure that the green side is facing up towards the roof. And the white side is facing your vent cover. So the rating for this is MERV six. So that means the filter is small enough to capture that harmful bacteria and also capture up to three to 10 microns.

So even your microscopic particles, you also have that sticky tackifier that helps with this, but also make sure you don't get this wet because if this does get wet, you lose the effectiveness of that tackifier. So there's really two purposes for this air filter. The main purpose is of course, to filter your air, keep your RV air clean, breathable, and healthy, and filter out those allergens and that dust. Another use for this though is let's say in the winter time when you have your area heated, I have friends that like to put this up into the air ducts so that they can kind of insulate and just keep the heat in and not let it escape. So when you get this, this arrives in a pack of four, so there's four filters in here and you can use them to replace four vents, or you can keep extras to your replace them throughout the season. Remember if you are a seasonal camper, you can just replace them once a year, perfectly fine. If you are a full-time camper though, make sure to replace them at least every three months. So these are designed to fit your vents that have a cross on them and you can see that shape right over here. That allows you to secure your air filters, you switch out your filter, pop that right back in, and that secures it. Now while this is what it is designed for, you can interchange it with other vents that don't have that design. You could also use a cutout version if it has a little post on the inside, whichever you have, it's an air filter, as long as it fits into your place and you can secure it. It's gonna work. So here I have two filters. This is the original one that came with the vent. And then here's our RV air filter, which will replace it. So you can see how this is a thicker air filter. It's also softer. And our air filter is gonna be three quarter inches. So you can see it's more filtered than the original. So the portion without the cutout is designed for those that have that criss cross post, the portion with the cutout design is for those who have this center post in the middle, just because it fits around that. Now note it won't fit all of those center posts, but it just makes for a more custom fit than otherwise. For those vent covers that do have an air filter included, this is an OEM fit. Those usually have a five quarter inch diameter grill size. So that's gonna be the size of the grill or the vent, but not to the vent cover itself so just keep that in mind. But if you have other vents that are of different shapes and different sizes, especially the smaller ones, you can cut this to fit. So it's a little bit more of an extra process, but still very simple. So let's take a look at that. All right, so we're gonna take off our vent cover. So I'm just gonna use a flat head for this one, just to pop this one out, there you go and notice how this does not have a filter. So we're gonna be adding our filter. As you can see, this is bigger than our vent cover. While the outside looks like it would fit, the actual size or inside diameter is gonna be seen where those panels are. So you're gonna wanna cut this to fit inside that panel, what I do is flip it over and then I mark around it. So the easiest way to show you how this works is just to put this on top and then trace around where the vent is. I would prefer to do this upside down, but this is easier visually. Once you have your outline, then just cut the excess parts of the air filter. Note that this would be a lot easier if you had a thick vent cover, which has enough space for you to just fit your air filter on the inside. Green faces the roof and the white faces down towards the vent. In our case, though, our vent cover is very shallow, so we couldn't wedge the air filter on the inside. So I just pushed the air filter inside the actual vent. And then now I'm gonna place in that cover over it. Remember white side should be facing down and fit this over it. And just like that, that's it for the install of the air filter inside of your RV air vent. So my personal thoughts about this air filter is that if you have the correct air vent, it's very easy to switch out your current air filter and pop this one right in. If you have a smaller air vent though, or something that does not have the same design as whichever air filter you got, it might be a little bit trickier, you're gonna have to cut it to shape since it's a circle is kind of more difficult to do that. Still an easy process though, as long as you're willing to do that for all of your air ducts. So if you're looking for something to filter your air ducts, helpful throughout that pollen, that dust, those mold spores, as well as be light weight, this might be a good option for you. And that was a look right here at a replacement air filters for your round RV air conditioner ducts right here at etrailer..

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