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Rola Spring Loaded Trunk Organizer Review

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Review of the Rola Spring Loaded Trunk Organizer

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with It's one of those days, I need to clean out my car. I can't even get my golf bags in the trunk because it's trashed. I'm trying to go golfing, so hopefully our ROLA Trunk Organizer is going to help. So let's get to it.So as you can see, we can take all the stuff out of our trunk and neatly organize it in the ROLA Organizer. We actually ended up getting two different golf bags in here.

So not only I can go golfing but I can also carry my friend's clubs as well. So this organizer is going to be 25 inches long by 15 inches wide and it's going to sit up about 7 inches, these walls here. It's going to be great for organizing all your stuff. You do have two different separators and as you can see there's a hook and loop on each side so you can adjust them to meet whatever you need.It also has a mesh outside bag here just for some of those other items that might be a little damp. You can put them right there so they don't get everything else wet.

So when I pick these up from the handles here it does feel pretty sturdy. I'm shifting this around. We don't really have a whole lot of movement. A lot of the structure comes from the bottom of this organizer. It's a lot thicker than our sidewalls here.

They do flex a little bit. So, for instance, you have a bunch of water bottles like so, if you have that move kind of close to there and you move it around, it's going to flex a little bit but not a whole lot. So it's definitely going to get the job done. This is also going to be a pretty good choice compared to your plastic bins. Over time they crack and when your car gets hot and then really cold in the winter, all that plastic isn't going to really stand up through all of that over time.It's not really going to wear away anytime soon so you can keep your trunk nice and organized for a long time.

So, some customers have asked us if it's waterproof. So if this water bottle isn't completely sealed and it falls over on the ride, it will seep down and get into your trunk. So just a mental note for that. On top of that, it's relatively small, so it's going to fit in a lot of different cars, so don't worry about it not being able to fit and even your smaller sedans or coups.So as you can see, we have a lot of distance to the left and the right of our organizer. There is a bigger one available at It's going to be 38 inches instead of 25 but it is going to be 15 inches wide. Just as you see here. It's just going to be a little bit longer. So if that's going to fit your needs. Definitely go on and pick the right size for you. So whenever you're not needing to organize anything you can actually condense this down pretty flat. It's not completely flat, but it's pretty close. Fold those in like so. Clip it in. Check that out. Not too thick. And if we really wanted it to, I could even put my golf bags on top of it. It's not going to hurt it. Very durable material. We're ready to go.So just to share my opinion, this is a pretty premium organizer. I'm sure you could probably find one at one of your local stores that's going to get the job done but this one is a little nicer, and it is a good brand. Well, everyone, thanks for tuning in and taking a look at the ROLA Trunk Organizer.

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