Rola Sport GTX Series Roof Rack Review

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Review of the Rola Sport GTX Series Roof Rack

Speaker 1: The Rola GTX Roof Rack System is going to be an excellent solution for getting items inside of your vehicle out. You've got roof baskets. You've got cargo boxes. You've got ski and snowboard carriers, bikes racks, lots of different choices of options to attach here to free up that space inside your Grand Cherokee.Now, the Rola GTX Roof Rack System, as you can see, is a very nice flush-style system. This is going to give us an appearance very similar to a factory-style look. So, whether you're using them on the flush side rails like we have here or the base clamps that are going to clip around the door, it's going to give you a lot of bang for your buck in a system that can just as much weight as most other systems on the market.As you can see, our aero style bars here are very slim adding to the good aerodynamic design, and the aluminum construction keeps them good and sturdy but also corrosion-resistant.

That's going to follow through right with the foot packs that you see here. Really nice thin design helps to promote good aerodynamics but also keeps the system nice and quiet.Now, something you're going to like about this roof rack system as compared to some of the other ones available market are the included lock cores. This is going to save an additional purchase. It's going to secure the roof rack system to our vehicle and also .. inaudible 00:01:20 pop this out.

It's going to allow us quick and easy access into the T-slot.The T-slot is designed to work with some of the T-slot style accessories to where you can slide those in, cut your rubber strips here to match, but also when using clamp-around accessories, that allows them to get a good hold. We won't have to worry about them sliding from one side to the other. Also, the tool for the roof rack system is going to store right in the foot pack, so you won't have to worry about storing it in your glove box or possibility losing it.Also, you'll see our covers are attached. They rotate and pivot down and out of the way. Again, that's going to prevent any issues we might have with leaving them behind.

Now, most of the GTX roof rack systems are going to be rated for about 165 pounds, but you don't want to exceed your roof's capacity, so definitely check out your owner's manual and go off whichever those numbers are the lowest.Now, the owner of this jeep has a lot of experience with a lot of different manufacturers of roof rack systems. We like to put them on and let him test them for us, just give us some feedback about noise. That's typically the biggest concern customers have. So, I put a roof rack system like this on my vehicle, how much additional noise am I going to have The good news is there's not really a big difference between this and the more expensive systems.Now when it comes time for installation, you're going to have a nice simple straightforward process with your roof rack system. Each one has been custom designed for your application.

Basically what that means is you're not going to have different clips and different things that you need to try to assemble to get it attached that may or may not work properly.For instance, on our Grand Cherokee, this is designed to fit right with the flush cross rails that we have. You can see our clamp here. Once we get it in place, we can slide that over. It's going to grip those rails. Right here, we're going to tighten down the screw and that'll bring everything together. So each application will be specific to your vehicle and easy to get installed.It's like Mike D said, "The product went on the roof easily. It handles our kayaks well," or like Christopher C said, "I purchased these bad boys about a year ago and have nothing but good things to say about them. Sturdy and durable, easy to put on and take off. They do make a little wind noise when riding, but that's a very common problem with most crossbars.That's going to complete our look at the Rola Sport GTX line of Roof Rack Systems.

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