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Rola Dart Clamp-On Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Rola Dart Clamp-On Bike Rack

Today on our Rola Dart Cargo Carrier, we'll be installing the Rola Dart Clamp-On Fork Mount Bike Carrier for rail cargo carriers, part number 59904. And this handy adapter will let you transport one bike on your hitch mounted cargo carrier with rails. The versatile fork block with 5 mm stainless steel skewer simply clamps to the carrier side rail and uses a bolt-on rear wheel strap. The stainless steel 5 mm skewer with quick release handle secures the bike to the fork block. There are removal bushings included for small 5 mm and large 9 mm bike skewers. This will fit bikes with standard or disc brakes.

To begin the installation, we'll take the head. Slide it over the side rail. We'll then simply use the wrench and tighten down the bolt, securing the head of the bike rack to the cargo carrier side rail. We'll now need to get our bike out and take a measurement. We'll measure from the front axle to the rear axle.

We'll then go back to our cargo carrier and measure from the center of the front carrier here where the skewer goes through back the same distance as our bike measured. This will be the location for our rear wheel strap. We'll now take the two plates and using the plate with the slotted holes cut, we'll slide in our nylon strap. We'll then use the included hardware to secure the two plates to the wire mesh on the floor of our cargo carrier. With our rear wheel straps secured, we can go ahead and install our skewer into the head of the bike rack.

You'll see on the skewer there are two springs, one spring for either side of the skewer. So we'll undo the hand knob. Remove the knob and one of the springs, slide the skewer through the head, and reinstall the spring and then the knob. We'll now remove the front wheel from our bike and place the bike into the skewer where we can then tighten it down, clamping it to our cargo carrier. We'll move back to the rear wheel strap where we'll put the strap through the wheel and secure it to the cargo carrier.

And that's it. Our bike is on. We'll put the front wheel in the vehicle and we're ready to head on down the road. And that completes the installation and demonstration of the Rola Dart Clamp-On Fork Mounted Bike Carrier for rail cargo carriers, part number 59904, on our 23x56 Rola Dart Cargo Carrier for 2-inch hitches, part number 59550.

Linda M.


Question - How much usable space can still be loaded in rack with bike? Ice chests, Big propane tank, Firebowl, etc.? I’ll tape measure approximates, but this could be added to your info video

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The Rola Dart Clamp-On Bike Rack has been discontinued for a bit, but the space that is left in your carrier will vary depending on the size of your carrier and the size of your bike. If you take the front tire off of your bike and then hold the forks over one of the side rails of your carrier that will give you a really good idea how much space you will have left over for any extra cargo.