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RockyMounts JetLine Roof Bike Rack Review

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Review of the RockyMounts JetLine Roof Bike Rack

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the RockyMounts JetLine Roof Rack, available in many colors, just check, part number RKY1320. The RockyMounts JetLine is a great bike rack that can carry up to 1 bike with quick-release front wheels. It can fit aerobars, squares bars, and round bars, and you can switch between the mounts to accommodate those. It fits both disc and standard brake systems. It also has a lockable skewer up here at the front, which you would pop this out and install your lock core. You can also lock the top portion by popping out this plastic piece here and inserting another lock core.

You can buy two and make them both keyed alike. The bike rack itself measures about 50 inches long, and the wheel tray will accommodate wheels from skinny tires up to 2.7 inches. While in this case, you won't have any issue with clearance as far as the rear hatch is concerned, if that was a concern, you could just flip this around and mount the bike the other way. The rear wheel strap is adjustable the length of the bike rack, which accommodate different sizes, and also, this can be flipped around if you're going to use it on your driver's side, and the front skewer could be separated in the middle and switched around so it can be used on the driver's side, as well. The bike rack is made from a corrosion-resistant lightweight aluminum, which makes it very easy to install. All the hardware is included for both the T-bolt hardware, as well as the brackets for the round and square crossbars, and has a weight capacity of 35 pounds, and the minimum crossbar spread required is 16 inches, while the maximum is 40. We'll go ahead and show you how this works with round . square crossbars. First thing we're going to do is we have to make a few alterations to the bike rack itself.

I'm going to go ahead and flip this upside down, and we'll come to the end here. I'm going to ahead and remove this end cap and make it a little easier. You'll see these little slots here. We'll take a flat head screw driver, and just kind of insert it, and just kind of push it out. There's going to be 1 on each side, until it comes all the way out, like so.

Then, we'll go ahead and remove this plate here, which we used earlier. For the rear connection point, we'll go ahead and slide this bolt into the rear slot, like so. We'll reattach our end cap. We'll go ahead and take off our top plate here, and we'll completely undo these two hex screws here with the included tool provided with our kit. Pop this bottom potion off, as well. Next, we'll place this clip onto the rear crossbar. Now, right now, it's configured for the round shape, but if you look at the back here, there's this little notch.

Again, taking our screwdriver, push on it gently, and it'll pop out. Now, it's ready for a square configuration. All right. Now, we'll go ahead and snap that into position. We'll go ahead and take our bolt here on our bike rack, and we'll put that through the snap-on mount we just put on. Now, we'll set our front end down, as well. All right, then we'll take our other metal bracket, kind of guide that up into this bracket here, then guide them together. Then, we'll have to remove our skewer so we can tighten this down. We'll take our 2 included lock washers and bolts and tighten that plate together using the included Allen tool. Now, before I completely tighten it down, I do want to make sure that it is straight on our roof rack. All right, that's not going to go anywhere. We'll go to the back and finish that up. We're going to go ahead and put our wing nut on now. Now, we're ready to load up the bike. Let's show you how it installs onto our RockyMounts roof rack. Our first step is we're going to remove both of our end caps here and set those off to the side, for the time being. Then, we're going to remove our stripping here in the center. That'll also be set off to the side now, to be reinstalled once you're done using your bike rack. With our crossbars prepped, we can now put our bike rack into place. We'll take this metal bracket and slide it through our T-slot here. We'll do the same for our rear mount. All right. When you slide this in, you want to make sure it's at least 3 inches from the edge of the crossbar. That should be good right there. Now, I'm going to check at the front to make sure it's straight, and then we'll tighten it down. With our bike rack in place, now we can tighten down these two bolts up at the top here to secure it. It does come with an Allen key to do this. Go ahead and move to the back mounting portion and do the same. With that secured in place, we'll go ahead and put our end caps back on. Then, we'll put our cap back up at the front here. It just slides into place like so and pushes down. To get it ready for our bike, we'll go ahead and open up our front skewer here. We'll take our fork mount, and then at the end here, I'll undo our wheel strap. Push in on this tab, lift out like so. Now, we can take our bike and put it into place, the fork's at the front here. It looks like our skewer's just a little too tight, but that's all right. We'll just loosen it up by turning it to the left, and so we can get it to completely close down. There we go. Now, we'll come to the back and attach our wheel strap, making sure it goes in between the spokes. All right, our bike is secure. Now, we're ready to hit the road. Let's show you how it looks on our test course. Now, we're at the alternating speed bumps. This will show you how it looks driving on uneven pavement or potholes. Finally, we're at the solid speed bumps, which simulates going into your driveway or parking lots. There you have it for the RockyMounts JetLine Roof Bike Rack.

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