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RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aidan here with And today we're gonna be taking a look at the RockyMounts MonoRail 2 bike rack here on our 2021 Toyota 4runner. Now it's gonna be a really nice bike rack with zero frame contact. So we're gonna have our bike held down by the back wheel here and with the front wheel hook up here keeping it nice and sturdy. And again, no frame contact.

So it's gonna be good for your carbon frame bikes. Good for your alternative frame and with a 60 pound weight capacity we're even gonna be able to hold some e-bikes with that battery removed, which is really nice. I like that kind of functionality right out of the gate. With this platform rack, like many others you have the ability to tilt away. So we can pull this blue lever down here tilt it down and get access to the back of the vehicle with the bikes loaded.

Now something we've ran into today with this 4runner is some bike racks have clearance issues. The tailgate here on the 4runner is pretty large but you can see the MonoRail clears, no problem. So if you wanna get back here, maybe change your shoes before or after a ride, you absolutely can. And you're not sacrificing that feature. Then you can just go ahead and tilt it back upright.

You'll hear that nice loud audible click letting you know it's locked in place. Now to get the bike removed, we can go to this back wheel strap here, push in that blue button and undo the ratcheting strap and then come to the blue button here for the front wheel hook. The nice thing about RockyMounts is they're all color coded. So all the touchpoints are easily labeled. You can easily see 'em and it makes everything nice and simple.

Then we can go ahead and replace the straps, fold down this part on the front cradle. And then I like to tuck the hook by the cradle right there. You can see that these cradles do rotate to accommodate different wheel bases, which is really nice. And from here we can actually go ahead and get some measurements. There is a pretty solid rise in the shank on an already high off the ground vehicle. So we can see on your 4runner you've got 26 inches of ground clearance, which is plenty. You're not gonna have to worry about bottoming out. And then for length added, we're going to be working with 35 inches of length added to the back of your vehicle. That's a pretty good amount, you're gonna wanna watch out in your garages and parking spots, but you can pull that lever, fold it upright while the rack is not in use and cut down on that length quite a bit. Bringing this down to 16 inches added to the back of your vehicle. So you can leave it on your 4runner year round, that way it's ready to go when you wanna use it. Back here, we can see a lock. This is for the included cable lock. It's a nice point to make sure your bikes are secured to the rack. I don't like it being up here. It's just more of a convenience thing With the bikes on there it might be hard to kinda reach around them and get to it. Something like the Sherpa has a locking point up on the top tray. So while the bikes are fully loaded it's a lot easier to get to. Minor convenience feature, not an absolute must, but it's nice to know and point out. Now down by the hitch we can see it fits a two inch by two inch receiver. And with that included anti rattle, it's really solid. You can also see that on the anti rattle it is locking with that being keyed-alike to the cable lock up here. So overall the RockyMounts MonoRail is a really solid bike rack. If you're looking for something with some more convenience features, the Sherpa is a nice other option, but otherwise the MonoRail's gonna get it done just fine. Thanks for watching. Instructor Here it is on our test course we'll start by going through the slalom. This is gonna show us the side to side action, which simulates turning corners, or evasive maneuvers. Next we're at the alternating speed bumps, which we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole, or driving over uneven pavement. And finally we have the full speed bumps, where we'll see the up and down action, which is just like driving out of a parking lot, garage, or driveway..

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