RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Review of the RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Adam: Hi everyone. Adam with we're going to be taking a look at RockyMounts WestSlope 3 platform style bike rack on our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.So this platform style rack is going to be able to hold up to three bikes at the same time. One of the best features in my opinion about this bike rack is you can tilt it with your bikes installed. Just got to lift up on the frame here a little bit, pull this pin and it's going to tilt down, which is going to allow you to get whatever you need out of the bed of your truck.Keep in mind though, there is a tiny, tiny bit of contact that's made these little posts here. It actually fits into the back of this latch here. It does rub a tiny bit, but I'm talking just a tiny, tiny bit.

It's not going to do any damage to anything. But as you can see it does touch this little lever a little bit, but you still have probably about an inch inside of there before it bottoms out.But as you can see, our tailgate is fully extended and we're not going to have any major clearance issues there.But whenever you're done with the tilting feature, you just lift it back up and it's going to lock into place.It's a pretty simple bike rack to get your bike off. It does have a cam buckle style strap in this wheel cradle at back, and all you got to do to release that is just press one of these pins in, and then fish this through.I do recommend doing these straps first as the wheel hook up front does hold your bike upright.Another thing to note, I do like to swing this open whenever I don't have any other bikes installed so I can get right up and personal with my bike and take it off with ease.So always put a hand on your frame just to keep your bike upright. You wouldn't want it to fall into you or into the bed of your truck.Once you have that, you push this down, put it up and tilt it away. Then you can go ahead and take your bike off the rack.

Then you can go ahead and take your wheel hooks and put them in this stowaway position. Replace your straps if you'd like. You don't have to, it's just personal preference.One other thing I did notice is to keep these arms locked into place, what you can do is rotate this wheel cradle a little bit and kind of clamp them down on there, so it has a little bit more sturdiness to it. You wouldn't want these to be flopping back and forth when it's in a stowaway position hitting your tailgate. Just something I noticed.So let me do measurements for you.

So to the back of our bumper, we're adding about 47 inches from this point right here on the back of our Silverado. It's always nice to know if you're going to have to remove this out of your hitch or put it in the stowaway position for it to fit into your garage.If you need a little bit less distance behind your truck, you can pull the same lever and it's going to tilt up towards the cab.But before I do that, I just want to show you guys how much ground clearance we have at the back of here. You really don't have to worry about bottoming out, as it does take after its name and has a very nice slope to it, giving us about 40 inches of ground clearance all the way back here so you really don't have to worry about bottoming out.So like I said before, you can put this in a stowaway position if you need a little bit more room behind your truck. And that's going to bring our distance to about 10 and a half inches from this point back here.As far as how close does it sit to my tailgate The wheel cradles are probably going to be our closest point, giving us about six inches from our tailgate to our closest point of our bike rack.So some things you can purchase with this, they are sold separately. You can get a cable to lock your bikes into place and it'll fit on this post here.Also, the anti-rattle bolt that does come with this kit does have the right end on it where you can grab a locking core for that as well.

And those are all available on And as you can see, it is a two inch shank, so it's only going to be compatible with those two inch hitch receivers. And as far as what that anti-rattle bolt does, it basically takes out all that shake and play inside your hitch. As you can see, this truck's really moving and there's no movement inside our hitch.Well that just about does it for a look at the RockyMounts WestSlope 3 platform style rack on our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

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