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Roadmaster Quick Disconnect Tow Bar Base Assembly Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Quick Disconnect Tow Bar Base Assembly

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Road Master quick disconnect tow bar base assembly. This is part number 910021-00. This quick disconnect tow bar base assembly is designed to work with the Falcon II, Falcon All Terrain, Sterling All Terrain, Blackhawk II All Terrain. It also fits the discontinued Falcon 5250, Eagle 8000 Sterling and Blackhawk tow bars. It's designed to replace a lost or damaged support bar on Road Master tow bar assemblies. The Road Master quick disconnect base assembly for our tow bar is going to be a great way to replace any broken or damaged, maybe lost tow bar assemblies.

It uses two pins located right up here at the top with spring clips on them. With those forward, we're going to easily be able to remove this from our vehicle, just by lifting straight up, leaving just our removable arms sticking out here and a lot of our base plate kits. As you can see, we could then remove that off the vehicle, take off our safety chains and it will really leave us with a nice clean look. When it comes time to put it in, we just want to put our base plate arms in, we'll bring in our quick disconnect and we slide that right down over the pins that are sticking up here on the top. Our clips will then come in on each side and we're ready to then hook up our tow bar, hook up to our RV connector, safety chains and all of our other switches and wiring and we're set to hit the road. To hook up the two bar, we've got a nice thick diameter pin here.

It's going to have a stop on it to help you align a large key ring so we can pull that out and same style spring clip here on the other side. Once we line up the holes there, we're going to have a tab, pin will go through the tab and also through our pin. That helps give us an alignment location so we know that we've got it in the right spot but this is also going to help us if we ever want to use any of the tow bar locks and things like that so we've got an extra piece of steel there helping us out. It's made of a heavy duty steel material that customers rave about it as far as it being really easy to install, really strong and really sturdy. It's got some really heavy duty welds that go all the way around inside and outside. You can just tell it's really a high quality piece of equipment and that's what we want if we're going to be using it to connect our expensive towed vehicle to our expensive RV, we want to be sure that we've got a nice, solid connection point there and this will do just that for you. Installation's a nice easy process here.

We've already got our Road Master easy base plate kit installed. What we're going to do is bring our passenger side quick disconnect, it will say passenger side, it will say which way to go up, also one of our safety plates. You'll place two of the provided bolts right through that plate, through the quick disconnect and then through the removable arm on our base plate. We're going to put a washer on each one of those bolts, split ring lock washer and a hex nut. We're going to go the driver's side and do the same thing.

Now that we've got them both put on the base plate, let's tighten them down just a little bit. We want to cinch them down essentially, we're not over tightening. What we're going to do is adjust these to get our quick disconnect to where it will slide right down and on there nicely. What we're going to do is just drop the quick disconnect into that lower hole and then line up the tops here as well. That looks good so now it's time to torque our bolts down. We'll look in the instructions there to find our torque specifications. All right, that's what we're looking for. We'll then secure this to the vehicle with the pins. Now we're ready to pull out the pins in the front, connect our tow bar to our tow vehicle and we can head on down the road. All right and with that it will complete our look at the Road Master quick disconnect tow bar base assembly. This is part number 910021-00. .

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