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Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at Roadmaster's Line of Rear Anti-Sway Bars for motorhomes. You want to refer to our fit guide to find the appropriate sway bar for your vehicle.The large size and heavy weight associated with motorhomes can cause drastic amounts of sway when driving down the road. To help create a safer ride, and reduce driver fatigue, we can minimize the sway by adding an additional rear sway bar. So when making basic maneuvers or sharp turns, you'll minimize the risk of a rollover.Also, when driving on windy days, on uneven pavement, you can get a sway affect going back and forth, and you'll have to compensate for that with the steering wheel to maintain and safe, straight path.This additional bar will help reduce that amount of sway, making it easier to maintain control of your vehicle and reduce vehicle fatigue, 'cause you're not having to compensate as much.The Polyurethane Bushings will help dampen road vibrations, and additionally stand up to corrosive road oils, salts, and UV rays. The bar is made up of 4140 chrome steel, where most factory bars are only made of a lower strength, 1020 steel.And to maximize your reduction of sway, Roadmaster recommends you also get a front anti-sway bar. Using our fit guide at you can pick out the appropriate rear and front end anti-sway bars for your motorhome.Now we'll take our anti-sway bars out on our test course.

When we go into our alternating bumps, you can instantly feel a difference in the amount of sway. It's a lot more stable side to side then it was before, making it much easier to maintain control of the steering wheel.And then we'll head onto our straight bumps. When we hit those, there's a definite difference in how much forward and back movement than we had before. It's definitely a more comfortable ride than what we had. And again, it's easier to maintain control of the steering wheel.And now we'll head onto our slalom where we can really test our the sway capabilities.

So if we have some evasive maneuvers, how our motorhome would react. And it's a massive difference. When turning, there's hardly any sway. I feel much more confidence taking sharp, evasive turns.Our customer David S purchased both front and rear Roadmaster anti-sway bars, and had this to say."I installed front and rear sway bars on my 2006 Itasca Suncruiser after making a winter trip to Florida from Ohio. We made a return trip this past winter, through the smoky mountains etcetera.

The improvement in handling was so noticeable, my wife noticed it from the passenger seat. I highly recommend both of these products. I have a workhorse w24 chassis. Crosswinds and semi-push was very minimal. One handed driving in most situations in the norm now, and driver fatigue was minimal.

Driving the coach is much more enjoyable."And that completes our look at Roadmaster's line of rear anti-sway bars for motorhomes.

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