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Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Hey there, heavy haulers. Today, we're going to take a look at the Roadmaster Rear Anti-sway Bar for Trucks. You can use our fit guide to find the right sway bar for your truck. This is what our sway bar looks like when it's installed. You can tell that it's significantly larger than our factory sway bar. This is what our old sway bar used to look like right here.

There's just really no comparison on how much thicker and stronger this sway bar is. This one here, I can't bend whatsoever. This guy, it was providing some support and I know I'm pushing it together, which really isn't how sway bars work. They work in a twisting motion, but this one is significantly smaller and is going to provide not nearly as much anti-sway as our stronger, larger bar here.The main purpose of upgrading to a larger sway bar like this is to help minimize sway. As you're going down the road and you make turns or evasive maneuvers, the body wants to roll.

As that rolls, it kind of throws you around in the cabin and makes it more difficult to maintain control of the vehicle. Also, when it sways, it shifts weight in a direction which could cause the vehicle to start to pull or slide in that direction. By minimizing the sway, it just helps stabilize the vehicle and provide you with more control and stability. Having a larger bar here is going to do just that for you.Also in this kit, you're going to receive new bushings, shackles, and hardware. So if you've got an old sway bar that's just got worn out bushings and you're looking to just repair it and you're wanting to upgrade it to have less sway, to be able to haul heavier items without feeling it throwing your truck around when you're going around those turns, this kit comes with all those components too.Let's go ahead and get a baseline measurement and we're going to hit the test course with our factory sway bar on there.

First, we're going to be in the bump section, which is going to simulate a pothole. The rear end does make quite a bit of noise and it doesn't feel that tight. There's a lot of back and forth rocking going on. Lastly, we're going to be going into our slalom section and this is going to simulate an evasive maneuver. On our slalom course, you can really feel how loose the truck is as we weave back and forth.

It's honestly a little scary to drive this, performing these big evasive maneuvers, so I can only imagine what it would be like if our truck bed was fully loaded.Now that we've got the new sway bar installed, I'm going to go ahead and take it out on the test course and we're going to see how it compared with our factory results. First, we're going to be in the bump section, and as we go over these bumps, we can definitely tell there is less rocking back and forth. It does seem to stiffen the vehicle up a little bit, so if you're concerned about having a smoother ride, this isn't really going to make it smoother, but this is really designed for those guys hauling heavy equipment so it's going to be more beneficial for them. Next we're going to be heading into our slalom section, and this is going to simulate an evasive maneuver. During this section, this is where I expect to see the biggest improvements as our sway bar is considerably larger than our old ones. So when we head up here, we're going to go ahead and start ripping her back and forth. Oh yeah, it definitely . wow, it really grips pretty good. It's actually pretty fun to drive. Considerable improvements over your factory components.In the end, upgrading your truck's rear anti-sway bar lets you execute turns and quick maneuvers with confidence, while reducing driver fatigue and minimizing the effort required to keep your vehicle in line due to crosswinds, passing motorists, and large shifting cargo. The 4140 chromiley 00:03:32 steel is going to be considerably harder and stronger than your factory installed sway bar. If you're concerned about up and down motion or your vehicle sagging down in the back, I suggest upgraded jounce bumpers or a set of airbags. That completes our look at the Roadmaster Rear Anti-sway Bar for Trucks.

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