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Roadmaster Motor Home Mount Tow Bars Extended D-Ring Bumper Mounts Adapter Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Motor Home Mount Tow Bars Extended D-Ring Bumper Mounts Adapter

Hey guys, how's it going Today we're gonna be going over the adaptor for extended D-ring bumper mounts to Roadmaster tow bars. So here's what our adapter looks like, and what this is gonna do is, it's gonna allow you to attach a Roadmaster Motorhome-Mounted Tow Bar, a motorhome-mounted tow bar is one that installs into the hit receiver on the motorhome and it gets stored there while not in use. A couple example of those motorhome-mounted tow bars is the falcon 2s, which is what we have here. The black Hawk, the Sterling, and there's several others. And this is gonna allow us to attach to D-ring bumper mounts, welded onto our off-road Jeep bumpers. So a lot of Jeep owners like to install aftermarket bumpers on their Jeep, for one reason or another.

And a lot of them actually have these little welded on D-rings and they like to use these for flat towing. Now, the reason they use these for flat towing is because most of the times your base plate kits aren't gonna fit with an aftermarket bumper, therefore, it's kind of their only option. It is very common to tow with these D-rings but I would like to point out with, you do need to message your manufacturer, check with them, to make sure that these are rated for towing because not all aftermarket bumpers allow you to flat tow with these. So it is very important that you do reach out to the bumper manufacturer and make sure you're safe to do so. So there's a couple criteria we need to ensure our D-rings have in order for this to be compatible.

Now number one, this kit here is specifically designed for one-inch thick D-rings. That's probably the most common but there is another one that's sort of common as well. And that's a seven, eight-inch thick D-ring. And in which case there is still an adapter that you can use for this, but this particular one won't work. So this one is specific to those one-inch and that's simply referring to the width of the D-ring.

We also need to be sure that the hole is going to be either seven eights of an inch diameter or one-inch diameter, or if it's smaller than that, you could actually drill it out. But keep in mind, there is some liability with that, with the bumper manufacturer. So those are the two things that we need to be sure of. This particular kit here that Roadmaster offers, now there's actually a couple different versions, we talked about there being one for the seven, eight-inch thick shackles; there's also two different ones for the one-inch. We have the standard ones and these here are actually the extended length ones.

So the extended length is referring to this portion here, and what this allows us at four is, some of the aftermarket bumpers have different shaped D-rings and some of them extend out a little bit more, making them incompatible with the standard version, therefore, this extended version there is gonna be required for certain bumpers. Now, if you have the one-inch thick D-rings, I recommend using this regardless because it's the most widely compatible. So that's why I like this one best. So in regards to hooking up to our Jeep, this is very, very easy. This is easier than most base plates. So basically what we're gonna do is, on one side here, we're gonna have a pin, got a little keeper there, we just pull that pin out; And then we're gonna just simply pull this pin out and you can see it just falls right out. And then our ears are gonna drop to the side here and then we're done. This is pretty how it's gonna be, we're just driving around town in our Jeep there. We would then just simply stow the tow bar on the motorhome and these are gonna stay attached. So you don't have to worry about storing these separately and then we're ready to hook up. We would obviously just do that same thing in reverse here. Now, keep in mind. If you can't remove this pin here, you need to go ahead and break the tension free from your tow bar arms, that typically happens after you've been towing and the arms are locked out, or if you're not on level ground, but pretty much every tow bar has some sort of prescribed procedure for you to break that tension. But with that being said, just re-insert your pin, re-insert your clip, then you just need to hook up your other electoral connectors, your safety cables. And that's pretty much it. It's very simple and easy to use. So one potential issue you could run into depending on which aftermarket bumper you have, is securing your safety chains. So your safety chains, you really want these hooked up to the frame of the vehicle, because if the bumper fails, you need something that's gonna attach to the frame, that's still gonna keep your Jeep attached to the motorhome. Now there's not a lot of bumpers that have any sort of provisions built in for the safety chain. So in order to attach it to the frame, here is what we did. What we did is, we took one of these little quick link things, these are pretty common for towing and we basically just installed it into this little bracket here which wraps around to the frame. Now I will say, we did have to notch out this hole a little bit, and we did have to come at an angle here with our quick link but we we're able to get it installed in there and attached to the frame. And you can see the other end is just attached to the clevis hook for our safety cable. So you guys can get creative here. I found this was a great way that didn't require a lot of modification, so that's what I used. But a lot of this is gonna be variables depending on what particular bumper you have. But I think this is a good way for most setups, most of the time, these are gonna be free from your bumper. So this is definitely what I recommend when you're hooking up your safety cables. So in regards to installation, this is very simple. It's definitely something you guys can do at home by yourselves. You will need a couple tools, but they're pretty common tools. So it's not something I don't think you guys are gonna have just in a standard toolbox. Basically, we're just gonna be replacing the arms on the end of our tow bar and then we may or may not need to do any modifications to the D-rings on the Jeep bumper here. For our particular one, we had to install that spacer because we have a little bit too much flop with our pin there, but that's again, gonna depend on your specific setup and which particular bumper you have, in regards to whether or not we need to do that. And that's gonna do it for our look at the adapter for extended D-ring bumper mounts, to Roadmaster tow bars..

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