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Rightline Truck Bed Tent Review

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Review of the Rightline Truck Bed Tent

Today we'll be taking a look at the Rightline truck bed tent. It's going to be available for your full-size long bed, full-size standard bed, full-size short bed as well as your mid-size long bed, mid-size short bed and your compact size as well. This tent covers the entire bed of our truck. It's going to keep us off the cold, wet ground. It's the perfect sleeping solution for anywhere you can park. It comfortably sleeps two adults with a vent on either side for ventilation and a sky view so you can sleep under the stars. It's a special fire resistant fabric that's going to block your campfire sparks as well as your UV rays and protect against the elements.

It features a screened-in mesh as well as a solid door so you can decide how much of the outdoors you want to enjoy. If we need to keep the door out of our way, we'll just roll it up and latch it onto the other end. Here on the inside we've got two nice deep-sized pockets as well as a hook up top so we can hang a fan or a lantern. You can see how it covers the bed rails of our truck, acting almost as if it's a shelf for anything we might have we want to set on it. It also comes with a rain fly that's going to protect us from the wet elements. Simply find your Rightline logo which is going to end up right here when we toss it over the top.

Now with that in place, let's go around and secure our buckles. Start with the rear one here. Connect them together. We'll worry about tightening them later. Let's get them all connected first.

Just simply work your way around. Then once we get those all connected, we can go around and tighten them. It's a pretty easy installation. What you want to do is you'll take your tent, set it on the back of the truck and then bring over the sides making sure that the Rightline logo is on both sides of the truck right about this position as well as making sure that the front door of your tent is by your tail gate. Our strap here has a universal hook. You simply mount it to any location you can find whether it be in your body or your chassis and then up top with a nice cinch strap so we can pull it nice and tight.

I'll just hook it underneath the body there and pull it down. With all our side straps in place we then took our first tailgate strap and just ran it horizontally into the wheel well and then for the second tailgate strap, we just ran it underneath the bumper. Rightline has color coded our poles for us which makes it even easier for installation. We simply match the orange tape up with the orange groove here and then the gray tape up with the gray groove. The flawless design allows you to put your tent up immediately without having to remove or reload your camping supplies in the back of your pickup. It also features glow-in-the-the-dark zippers so we don't loose them in the dark. That's going to complete our look at the Rightline truck bed tent. .

Michael L.


Would certainly be an improvement, if the RAIN FLY extended rearward OVER the Tailgate and covering the tent doorway not unlike any awning. This way the doorway flap could remain open while shielding from rain.

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