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Rightline Gear Sport 1 Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Gear Sport 1 Rooftop Cargo Bag

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rightline Gear Sport One rooftop cargo bag, part number RL100S10. The Rightline Gear Sport One roof cargo bag manages to carry your luggage, your sporting goods equipment or your camping gear on your roof and freeing up space inside your vehicle.This bag is designed to keep all water and moisture off your items. A lot of that is thanks to the double-sealed bag seams here, which are first sewn together and then welded together for superior strength and durability as well as thanks to the cover flap that goes around your zipper area.The waterproof material is a 600-denier woven polyester with a PVC inner layer, which also resists UV rays to prevent fading of the bag. The zippers are corrosion resistant and at the bottoms here they do have these holes that you can place a simple padlock here to secure your gear once you have it installed.It's very easy to load and unload with the zipper going three quarters of the way all the way around the bag so open up towards the front to place your gear inside. With this particular bag you're able to carry up to 12 cubic feet of cargo. The dimensions of this are going to be 38 inches long, by 34 inches wide, by 19 inches tall.While we have this installed on a naked roof right now, this will also work with vehicles with factory raised side rails as well as vehicles with roof racks.When installing this onto factory-raised side rails, or a roof rack, you have to decide which set of buckles you're going to use.

If it's going to be the roof rack, you're going to use the front buckles here, but for the factory-raised side rails we'll use the side ones here. When you're finished using it, you can fold it up and put it in the stuff sack, so it's ready to go for next time.Now that we've gone over some of the features of the cargo bag, let's go and show you how it works. We'll first take it out of its stuff sack here. Loosening it up and pulling our bag out and getting ready to be placed on our vehicle. These are the tie downs that we'll be using.Before we place the bag onto the roof, go ahead and just quickly clean it off.

A little bit of soap and water. Let's get all the debris and dirt off.Next, we'll set our bag on our roof. Trying to keep it even on both sides and making sure that this section is the one that's facing forward with the zipper end going up all the way around the backside of the vehicle. We'll unzip our bag and start loading up our gear. With everything loaded up, we'll zip up everything underneath our flap here.

Next, we'll take our flap, bend it down, connect our hook-up and fasteners all the way around the bag.Next we can install our straps. Before we do that, I'm going to open up our car doors here because the hooks are going to be put inside the vehicle in our door jam here. You want to make sure they're facing the right direction so they can hook underneath. We'll attach them to our buckles up on top. We'll repeat this for our other straps.We're on the inside of the vehicle now.

We're going to take our hook and put it on the inside of our door here. It's going to hook in just like so and then we'll tighten it up, up on top. Then we'll tighten them down completely on the other side as well.And there you have it for the Rightline Gear Sport One rooftop cargo bag, part number RL100S10.